Dave Giertz Talks About The Importance Of Social Security

David L. Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc., talks about social security and how advisors aren’t speaking about it to their clients.

According to David on angel.co, there was a survey that took place with people that were retiring or about to retire, and they found out that most people aren’t receiving any feedback from their advisors about social security and its importance.

Another interesting data that showed up in the survey was that four out of five-people stated that they’d change their advisors if the professional were not talking about social security at all.

The topic on twitter.com seems to be avoided by advisors mainly because of how complicated the rule can be for people that are not familiar with it to comprehend initially. Since it is complex to explain, consultants end up deciding not even to mention it at all.

This issue needs to be acknowledged since clients have already stated that they would move into another professional in the area if they realized that the hired specialist is omitting information about social security for the sake of not knowing how to explain it at all. Source: https://about.me/davidgiertz

David Giertz is currently the President of NFS Distributors Inc. and is responsible for managing sales and advertising strategies. He has knowledge and experience in the fields of life insurance and retirement plans that make him an important voice when talking about the importance of revealing social security for clients.

Giertz had his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Management in Millikin University and later had his MBA at the University of Miami, also in Business Administration.

With over 30 years in the industry, David Giertz has a lot of experience to share. He has made his article about how “Advisors are eager to learn Social Security claiming strategies,” written in 2015, that covers more information about the topic.

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