USHEALTH Group, Inc., Dependable Insurance Partner

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an American licensed life and health insurance companies based in Fort Worth, Texas. It offers quality coverage policies for sickness and accidents both critical and Short term. It was formerly known as Ascent Assurance, Inc. and later in 2005 changed its name to USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. has subsidiaries which underwrites and sell their health insurance policies, products and plans for self-employed individuals and small business owners. Its products include coverages around; personal health, fixed, fixed indemnity medical, dental, income, coverage for critical illness and accidents. They also have renewable and exchangeable life policy and sell their products through agents.

Their major goal is to protect their customers from facing financial hardship from unpredictable injury or in the case of diseases. If a person is covered by their insurance, they keep their promise of financial protection. Their target is to build a premier health insurance in America that is committed to delivering quality services to their customers. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. has an innovative health coverage plan that covers the entire family and their individual needs. They offer a portfolio of programs that let parents tailor their health coverage to their particular needs. With their acquired experience over the years in the insurance industry, they are real innovators and offers not only flexibility but also affordable plans that secure an individual and their families.

People choose USHEALTH Group, Inc. not because it’s a health insurance plan but because of the more choices, it offers when it comes to healthcare. It’s acquired PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) title enables people to trust their plans because it offers flexible choices. It has been known to help provide peace of mind during the critical medical event. They have served more than 15 million customers across America.

Their life policy is beneficial to an individual when in dire need, unlike the traditional life insurance policy which pays benefits after death, USHEALTH Group, Inc. provides benefits for medical treatment as well as non-medical expenses. When in critical condition they provide finances for non-medical costs during recovery, and they pay in lump-sum. They are dedicated to insurance solutions.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. employees are happy and contented of their jobs, they offer services to customers whole heatedly and thorough. Both customers and employee reviews are positive, and they are glad to be associated with them. The employees are contented of their income from sales. The employees appreciate the weekly training offered by management as it equips them with market knowledge.

The insurance market is characterized by huge customer turnover, and this may result to trust issues as well as low customer loyalty, USHEALTH Group, Inc. insurance companies strive to differentiate themselves by enhancing long-term relationships with their clients, creating trust and consistency on delivering on its promises.


Whitney Wolfe Inspires Women To Take Initiative On Their Dating Life

The dating world has a lot of strange rules for men and women. Among the strange rules that women are given in the dating world is that they should be passive. The men are supposed to do all of the initiating. For instance, women are not supposed to text first. This is one thing that Whitney Wolfe has followed. She has always been reluctant to text a man first. This has often slowed things down when it came to dating. However, there have been changes to the dating world of dating as women are starting to take more initiative in online dating.

Whitney Wolfe has sat with her friends in order to talk about the world of online dating. One thing that they have decided on was building something where women have to take the initiative in dating. This platform makes it so that men can’t take any kind of initiative with women. Women have to be the ones to initiate the messaging with the men they are interested in. This is quite an interesting and effective twist on the way online dating is run. Whitney Wolfe has thought a lot about her project for online dating.

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Both men and women find it to be neat that women have to be the ones initiating. The only way a man can initiate is if he contacts another man. With women, they have to be patient and wait for one to message them first. However, the best way to make Bumble work is for the man to take his time and make sure that his profile is great. If he does not put any effort into his profile, then he is not going to get that much results. Women love men that take a lot of pride in themselves. This is the one trick that is going to get women wanting to respond.

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USHEALTH Group Doing Insurance Differently

USHEALTH Group Inc. is an insurance company that is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The USHEALTH Group is made up of subsidiaries which include the National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Together they provide various insurance covers for their clients revolving around Life Cover, Accident and Disability and Specified Disease or Medicare covers. These insurance products are available for families, the self-employed persons, small business owners alongside their employees. USHEALTH Group has offered personalized insurance products to more than 15 million clients in its 50 years of existence in the industry.


USHEALTH Group has developed a diverse portfolio for it insurance products such as the Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident coverage. This is because every individual seeking insurance has unique needs, so a one size fits all is not the best approach for USHEALTH Group clients. Thus, clients have freedom to choose from the array of options provided for their healthcare needs. USHEALTH Group promotes flexibility, reliability, and affordability in making the selections that are most appropriate to their needs.


There is always the financial aspect of every insurance product where some clients work on a limited budget that may not allow them to access full benefits of a package. The USHEALTH has factored this in their diverse portfolio of insurance products that offer first dollar benefits. This is especially for the clients who find it hard to attain the annual deductible; which is usually high before they can get any real benefits from the insurance plan that they have. First dollar benefits programs are better affordable than the more comprehensive insurance plans and provide the same assurance and protection that a limited protection plan offers.

USHEALTH Group’s line of ancillary products include:


  • Income Protector
  • Short-Term Accident Disability Income
  • Accident
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Dental and Vision Plans
  • Critical Illness
  • Specified Disease/Sickness


USHEALTH Group and its component companies provide the Specified Disease/Sickness, Life, and additional products through USHEALTH Advisors which is a subsidiary that is under their full ownership and management. This has made policy buying experience easier having eliminated the complexities that come with purchasing insurance. Every USHEALTH Advisors Agent has fully undergone product training and certification to satisfactory standards. Therefore customers are assured of adequate guidance when it comes to buying insurance products.


Trained in customer service, agents at USHEALTH Advisors make sure to give every customer undivided individual attention. Their commitment to creating lasting customer relationships has made them a recognized leader in innovation, business growth and exemplary customer care. In 2013 USHEALTH Group was ranked as a 2013 Top 50 North American Call Centre. It became one of the elite companies in America when it came to customer service.


Join Thor Halvorssen on the Frontlines of the Battle for Human Rights Freedoms

Thor Halvorssen is a firebrand human rights activist, journalist, active philanthropist, and film producer. He is the CEO and president of Human Rights Foundation, HRF, a non-profit he established in 2005 in New York. HRF supports the famous Oslo Freedom Forum which he also founded and heads. It is an annual event that attracts leading human rights activists and top world leaders to discuss human rights issues and how to effect policy reform to address them.

Human rights activism is in his blood as he was born into royalty. His parents and extended family fell victim to a corrupt and ruthless government. He is emphatic about his love of life and people. Mr Thor is passionate about mobilizing activists and dissidents to get the attention of the people in power. This is to achieve transparent and democratic governance. Thor Halvorssen is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty in the battle for better human rights freedoms.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, he is actively involved in demonstrations and protests. Additionally, consecutive Chairpersons of the HRF have been known to employ the same revolutionary strategies to get the attention of the relevant people. Thor Halvorssen is vocal against conservative governments with a heavy leaning towards traditional dictatorship. He does not believe in hiding behind political ideologies but rather works with all manner of people who share the common distaste for tyranny and intolerance. Click here to know more.

Topics such as political freedom, public policy, religious tolerance, civil liberties and democratic governance are at his fingertips. He believes in dismantling depraved administrations from the top down. People who have worked with Thor Halvorssen will tell you that he does not stop until the job gets done. He is also the founder of Moving Picture Institute; a movie production house focused on teaching the youth how to promote human rights freedoms through films.

Arthur Becker Finds his Way in New York Real Estate

The wild and varied career of Arthur Becker has served to prove one thing: anybody can make it in an industry as long as they dedicate themselves to the work. Becker used to be a stockbroker over at Bear Stearns before he hit it big while trading tech companies in the early 2000s. That pretty much spelled the end of his work as a trader as Becker wanted to make his own luck. That mindset, manifest destiny if you will, led Becker to pursue a wide array of different investment opportunities before finally coming back to New York to establish himself as an elite real estate investor. More details can be found on Madison Partners.

If you head down to the Tribeca area of Manhattan you’ll eventually find your way to Arthur Becker’s real estate office. One step inside and it is pretty apparent that you aren’t dealing with your traditional real estate investor. One half of this office is dedicated solely to real estate. The other half? Well, it is dedicated to Becker’s love of all things artistic. The second half of Becker’s office is a fully functional art studio. You’ll see works in progress, Becker’s favorite pieces, and a little display of some of the work he sells to customers. How did Becker get here? Well, the path was not straight and narrow — it provided many turns into uncommon industries.

After hitting it off in real estate Becker started to invest in the things that interested him greatly as a person. He turned to ancient and foreign currency from South Africa — primarily Cameroon and Nigeria. As a previous employee in the banking industry Becker had always been fascinated by the importance people placed on currency. This transitioned to a side project where Becker created origami art and statues out of currency which he then sells around the city and to art collectors.

Finally, Becker made his way to New York where he learned the ropes in real estate as an investor behind the scenes for people like Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. Now Arthur Becker is focused on building his first solo development project: a condo unit at 465 Washington Street in Manhattan.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is One Of The Best Female Surgeons

Jennifer Walden is one of the best beauty surgeons in the United States. She trained with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world and ran practices in both Manhattan, New York and Austin, Texas. She is currently the only female that takes part in the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


She was born and raised in Northwest Hills of Austin, Texas. Her family were also in the medical field with her mother being a nurse and her father a dentist. She went to The University of Texas at Austin before heading off to medical school. She later went on to study plastic surgery at UT Galveston and the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She was involved with clinical trials to reintroduce silicone breast implants.


Jennifer Walden has given her expert commentary over plastic surgery on ABC News, Fox News, VH1, E!, Dr 90210, and many other news programs. She was featured in a Daily Mail article discussing labiaplasty surgery in 2015. She has produced many popular medical journal articles, answering questions about plastic surgery.


She has been able to balance both her successful career and her family. She had in-vitro fertilization done to produce two boys of her own since she does not have a husband. Her kids were born on November of 2010. She relocated back to Austin so that her children can be near her family. She opened up her new office in Westlake Hills, and then a secondary in Marble Falls, Texas in 2014.

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Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Officials Perform Their Duty Safely and Diligently

Securus Technologies is a company that has made a name for itself in a very short period in the inmate communication and criminal justice technology. The company has served more than 15 million inmates till date and reach out to over 1.2 million prisoners across the nation at present. Moreover, it has 3,450 law enforcement agencies as its client across the country. The company aims to use the power of technology to keep communities safer and equip the law enforcement officials to protect them and do their duty more accurately.

Securus Technologies also offers many different services that help the prisoners stay in contact with their loved ones. It is essential for the inmates to communicate with their friends and families, and Securus Technologies makes it possible at a much lower cost than other counterparts in the field. Securus Technologies recently published a press release online where it showed excerpts from the many letters the company received from the law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials find the company’s services to extremely helpful and have written the letters appreciating the company. The company also used the news release as an opportunity to invite the company’s existing and potential customers and investors to the firm’s technology center in Dallas, Texas.

Securus Technologies helps with crime prevention, and I feel that the company is doing a great job using the latest technology to help law enforcement officials perform their duty safely. It also keeps the criminal in check and prevents any crime from getting realized in the jail premise. Securus Technologies has helped in many cases to keep the inmate on inmate crime low. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies involve LBS and Investigation PRO service, which is highly useful for law enforcement official like me to get the information needed to act fast and catch the offenders with ease.


Julia Jackson: Running the Family Business of Making Wine

Julia Jackson is someone who knows her wine well; after all, her family has been in the business of winemaking for an extremely long period of time. But it isn’t just her family that has influenced her decision to stick to the family business, it is her true love for wine that has got her to the position she is in today. Julia Jackson was born to Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke who are the original owners of the Jackson Family Wines Collection. Ever since she was first exposed to the family business, Julia knew that she wanted to get into the business side of wine making, and take the company to new heights, making it a big player in the wine business.

Julia started working alongside her father at a very early age, where she and her siblings would pick and sort out the grapes that would be used in the wines that they produced. Her father introduced her to the world of wines and the process that goes into producing wines when she was still young. Julia Jackson owes a lot to her family and her upbringings in helping her reach the position she is in today. She is someone who knows the importance of hard work and appreciates the work that goes into being successful, no matter what the work entails.

Jackson Family Wines was started in 2982 and today has become one of the most well known wineries in the area. The company is entirely family run, with different members running different departments of the company. Jackson Family Wines aims at providing their clients with the best quality wine while ensuring that they maintain sustainability in their practices. With numerous vineyards in locations across the world, Jackson Family Wines are committed to the process of making fine wine.

Discover the best of ClassDojo

ClassDojo firm was founded in the year 2001.Its main aim was to boost the education sector. It hoped to do this by developing an App that would link the teachers, students and parent’s relationship. The app offers the messaging platform. It will increase the communication.


ClassDojo is related to the founding of an app that is designed to bring a close relationship between the parents, teachers and the students. The App since the launch has seen an enormous growth as it has become of more value to all the stakeholders in the sectors. The app developers maintain that for the success to be realized there ought to be the co-ordination of the three parties. The teachers may notify the parents of an event, and at the same time, the students tell the others of the day’s event. It is detrimental is it gives the room for the shy students to expresses themselves. It also gives the guardians chance to monitor and raise a question about their student’s activity. The App has become fundamental especially for the busy parents as they are capable of keeping close communication with the students. The apps create a more fulfill life both in the classroom and the outside.


To ensure that the app was developed and maintained the organization rose $21million. The funds were meant to lay the foundation of having the App invented and developed. ClassDojo saw this as a big step towards moving bathe education sector to be in line with the current technology. It would, in the end, make the life of the intended comfortable.


The App has quickly been embraced by the parents, teachers and the students. ClassDojo has seen the redesigning the app to have the best chance of helping all. The firm hopes to increase its acceptance even more by including other features that are helpful to the parents. They believe the app application will generate higher acceptance in the society.

ClassDojo changing the education world

ClassDojo at its start and its unveiling, it began as a behavior management tool for the student which allowed teachers to congratulate the real ideas from the students when they had to behave excellently or with a lot of decorum or in instances when they had to portray a new useful tool. Since then, ClassDojo has evolved into a platform where the parents and teachers can share information including the photos, messages, and videos about their students while in class. The software has since recorded over 3 million subscribers with most of them being parents and teachers of the lower level students and pupils in the school.

Currently, ClassDojo is being used by almost a third quarter of teachers in most of US schools and has also been adopted by educators and institutions across the globe hitting 180 countries by the time of publishing the document.

According to PERTS, the chief director, ClassDojo can reach many teachers and students at the same time via its messaging options. The founders have since planned to survey in a 2.1 million study both educators and students who are the subscribers to be able to evaluate its effectiveness and the upgrade required.

ClassDojo assists both the teachers and parents to monitor the students’ progress, and hence help the student to achieve a target set which is analyzed by both the teacher and the student via the messages and videos sent. The app also assists the parents to save lots of time and energy trying to get information on the whereabouts of the students when in school. In other times it helps improve the school’s curriculum.