Whitney Wolfe Inspires Women To Take Initiative On Their Dating Life

The dating world has a lot of strange rules for men and women. Among the strange rules that women are given in the dating world is that they should be passive. The men are supposed to do all of the initiating. For instance, women are not supposed to text first. This is one thing that Whitney Wolfe has followed. She has always been reluctant to text a man first. This has often slowed things down when it came to dating. However, there have been changes to the dating world of dating as women are starting to take more initiative in online dating.

Whitney Wolfe has sat with her friends in order to talk about the world of online dating. One thing that they have decided on was building something where women have to take the initiative in dating. This platform makes it so that men can’t take any kind of initiative with women. Women have to be the ones to initiate the messaging with the men they are interested in. This is quite an interesting and effective twist on the way online dating is run. Whitney Wolfe has thought a lot about her project for online dating.

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Both men and women find it to be neat that women have to be the ones initiating. The only way a man can initiate is if he contacts another man. With women, they have to be patient and wait for one to message them first. However, the best way to make Bumble work is for the man to take his time and make sure that his profile is great. If he does not put any effort into his profile, then he is not going to get that much results. Women love men that take a lot of pride in themselves. This is the one trick that is going to get women wanting to respond.

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