Troy McQuagge: Setting the Standard For Health Insurance Coverage

Troy McQuagge is truly taking over the business world. McQuagge, CEO of US Health Groups Inc., has been named the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards. The prestigious Planet Award honors business and professional excellence in all industries. Businesses and organizations, from all over the world, may submit nominees for consideration of the award. One Planet Awards is a global awards program which recognizes businesses on every part of the globe.

In 2010, Troy McQuagge began working with US Health. Almost immediately Mr. Troy McQuagge focused on making changes to turn the company around. He began by rebuilding US Health Advisors, one of the company’s captive distribution agencies. The success with the rebuild led to Mr. McQuagge’s promotion to President and CEO of US Health in 2014. Under his management US Health has shown considerable growth and profitability, in the difficult health insurance market. While accepting the award, Mr. McQuagge mentions that the award belongs to everyone at the company because each person works to provide quality care to their customers.

US Health Group, Inc. is currently located in Ft. Worth TX. The company primarily serves to provide health insurance coverage for small business owners and the self employed. Affordability is key concern for the insurance company. US Health Group Inc., strives to provide affordable health coverage that is able to change as a client’s heath needs may change. Mr. McQuagge and the executive team at US Health Group Inc., continue to focus on providing quality health insurance coverage at an affordable price.

Lip Care; Attaining soft, beautiful lips with EOS lip Balms

The bet accessory one can put on their face is a great smile. To achieve this smile, you need healthy lips. The weather conditions and some of the products that we use on our lips leave them dry, cracked and discolored. To stop this from happening and achieve the perfect lips, you need to choose superior quality lip care brands. The ideal lip balm contains a moisturizer and exfoliating ingredients, is hypoallergenic, contains vitamin E to prevent skin discoloration and has SPF to protect the lips from the harmful effects of UV rays, have a peek on this website,

All these are qualities that you will find in the new range of lip balms from EOS. They come in the following amazing flavors.

  • Passion fruit flavor is the one that gives your lips a soft and silky sensation with the tropical goodness of the passion flavor. The lip balm is gluten free.
  • Strawberry sorbet: everyone loves the sweet and sour smell of strawberries on any day. This balm flavor recreates the delicious refreshing feel of the desert.
  • Blueberry Acai: this flavor is full of antioxidants, and full of blueberry and Acai flavors.

These flavors and many others are specially formulated for smooth and healthy lips. Check out to see more EOS products.


About EOS

EOS stands for evolution of smooth. The line was launched to create lip and body care products that were both affordable and good on the skin of the users. The manufacturers understand that a combination of great lip flavors, natural ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil are what make silk soft lips and confident smiles, navigate here. To make the product even more appealing, they create them in a variety of colors. All the products that are sold by the brand are dermatologically tested. They are also free from paraben and petrolatum. As long as you buy genuine EOS, you are assured of smooth, healthy lips.

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George Street Photo and Video Chicagoland

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most stressful things which couples have to consider. There are many photographers in Chicago alone. However, finding a professional who can help you save the memories of your special day is a bit tricky. The good news is that companies such as George Street Photo and Video Address Locations are there to help you.

At George Street Photo & Video, you can relax and have the professionals do the difficult job. They have the right equipment for the job. Additionally, you have the freedom of choosing a style that attracts you. There are many styles to choose from and the professionals can help you choose one if you are not sure what to go with.

The best way to make sure that the professionals get it right is to book a consultation with them. They will schedule the shoot and even advise on things like color and venue.

Greg Secker is a Businessman for the people

In short, Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur who enjoys helping people. The trading guru has founded multiple companies in an effort to improve the lives of people less fortunate than himself. He’s used his vast knowledge of trading to help aspiring traders excel in the industry. The Knowledge to Action Group, which he founded in 2003, is an extension of his desire to see others succeed. Every company he’s founded has the underlying goal of helping people with no wish of nothing in return fir their services.

Many people have wondered where Secker Passion to help others comes from, particularly in the dog eat dog world that is business. After seeing so many aspiring traders give up due to lack of information he realized he wanted to be a businessman for the people. Wanting to help people struggling to begin a career in trading he founded the Knowledge to Action Group to be a learning tool available to all.

Although Secker began his career in the corporate world he quickly shifted to trading after founding Learn to Trade at the age of 27. He hasn’t looked back since that point. Nowadays, Secker is the one who teaches people how to make money by example. All his teachings are available in detail built into programs with learn to Trade and the Greg Secker Foundation.

Secker helps people improve the lives others through his work as an author as well. He has had several books published including, Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex. He also is a co-author of The Book Of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success.

In 2010, Secker founded the Greg Secker Foundation, a non profit organization. The foundation has done a lot of work with initiatives focused on improving the education, leadership, and life skills of youth in communities.


Netpicks For Forex Trading

Netpicks is one of the finest places to come for help with Forex trading, and someone who is searching for a better way to make money from investments. There are quite a few people who turn to Netpicks for help, and this article explains how selections from Netpicks improve profitability. Someone who uses Netpicks may build a strong portfolio, and they may make investments that are quite strong.  To read and learn more, click on

#1: What To Invest In

Netpicks ensures that all their clients are investing in currencies that will help them earn cash. The currencies that are chosen through Netpicks are quite strong as they are selected based on the market climate and current research. Someone who has questions about currency investment may contact a broker for help, and they may speak to someone at Netpicks who knows what to do.

#2: How Long To Keep Currencies

Currencies that are used for investment may be kept by the investors for as long as they like, and they may ask Netpicks to show them when it is time to sell. Every different currency must be treated in a different way, and someone who wants to save money must take the advice they are given when they buy and sell each currency.

#3: Studying World Events

Netpicks looks into world events that alter the price of currencies, and they have searched for a number of different options that will help their clients earn money. Certain currencies will no longer be fit for investment, and other currencies will be removed from recommendation. Netpicks ensures that they have current information that helps their clients save money on each trade.

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Everyone who is using Netpicks will find that they have a way to earn money on the foreign currency exchange, and they may ask this company for help with each new investment.  The company has brokers standing by who are ready to help clients, and clients may come to the Netpicks site at any time to invest. They will use the Forex currency markets to save money, and they will begin to feel more confident about their financial future.  To keep updated with Netpicks, follow them on

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Better Flavors and Benefits With EOS Lip Balm

When you think of lip balm, you probably think of the clinical look and feel and the bland flavors found on department store checkout shelves and drugstore counters. One company has changed this, however. Instead of the traditional packaging and bland tastes and smells, EOS has exploded onto the market with exciting flavors like strawberry sorbet and tangerine that come in colorful little orbs.


It’s not all about the flavor at EOS, but it still plays a vital role. Their combinations and interesting flavors are what keep people coming back for more. Here are a few of their most popular flavors. View for more info.


Honeysuckle Honeydew

This is a mild but sweet flavor that is sure to have you applying this product more often than usual. Combining the flavor of honeysuckle with the appealing aroma of honeydew is just an amazing idea that pays off well. The two flavors complement each other and will have you singing the praises of this product. Comes in a light green orb.


Blackberry Nectar

If you love the native fruits and berries found here in the United States, then you’ll go crazy for this flavor. Sweet nectar and tart blackberries come together to form this delicious flavor. Comes in a purple orb with a white swirl.

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Whether you like lemons or mint, EOS lip balm has something you’ll love. Another great plus about these balms is that they are all %100 natural and %95 organic. They also come packed with nourishing vitamin E, shea butter, and antioxidants that will leave your lips smooth and healthy. Go now here on


Exploring New Wine Options With The Traveling Vineyard

Fine wines were once solely the domain of the wealthy, but as the people of the world are once again looking to enjoy wine at almost any and every opportunity companies like The Traveling Vineyard are developing a role in the community of wine enthusiasts. Wine guides from The Traveling Vineyard are so well versed in the production methods and different types of wine that they have the chance to explore some of the non wine related activities and attractions on offer in top regions like California’s Napa.

There is much to enjoy and explore in Napa that is often ignored by those who are looking to make the most of their time in one of the world’s most beautiful wine producing regions. Luxury resorts can be found in the region where the Auberge Spa makes use of the mud that is also used to grow vines to apply this mineral rich mixture to the bodies of customers who also take advantage of the healthy spring waters of Napa. A further option is to discover more about the history of the Napa region with the aid of the Napa Valley Historical Society who chart the rise of both the community in this area and the wine industry.

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As a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard a new arrival is never left to their own devices as they are partnered with an experienced Guide in their own region of the U.S. that brings with it a boost to their immediate chances of success; The Traveling Vineyard itself provides all the required equipment to make the most of the every wine tasting party attended by a Guide.

Making sure the Wine Guide is ready for their role at parties held in the homes of clients who invite their friends for a professionally hosted wine tasting also means studying about the different wines and producers of the wines sold directly by The Traveling Vineyard. As a Wine Guide for The Traveling Vineyard each individual is never required to purchase a large amount of stock, but is instead simply required to carry a small number of bottles used for the tasting from which orders are placed with the company.

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George Soros: Open Society Foundations Chairman and Founder

George Soros is considered as one of the most proficient business personnel in the United States business arena. For those who need fast income, they must consider looking for better business solutions in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. For many years now, George Soros has worked to amass a great amount of wealth through the risky finance and corporation trades. For this reason, his investment capabilities have worked to be sustained in the most proficient manner. For those who want to succeed in the risky forex trades, they must seek more advice from the experts in this field.

George Soros is also considered as one of the best philanthropists in the country. For many years, he has worked to develop fast income in a way that is not paralleled in this industry. For this reason, working to activate better business solutions does not accommodate the better management solutions in a manner that is not instituted in the business world. George Soros has also assimilated working credentials to achieve the most from this industry. If you are willing to activate better business solutions, be sure to develop your emotions in a manner that is not achieved in the currency trades. Learn more about his profile at

For over three decades of professional experience, George Soros has always assimilated better business solutions through the anticipation of activated business solutions. George Soros has also assimilated a great amount of wealth in the institutions accredited with better business solutions. Working to develop fast income in the industry achieves the most through facilitation in business. For this reason, you will end up assimilating your intentions to foster development. George Soros worked as a hedge fund manager for two companies before founding the Soros Quantum Fund in New York. During that time, there were limited sources of funding for startups in the business. For this reason, he worked hard through innovation to become wealthy. When he gained enough money in the hedge fund management industry, he proceeded to the next level of prominence.

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George Soros is one of the most prominent philanthropists in the United States. For many years now, he has developed income to accelerate the most sophisticated business plan. George Soros has also worked in the risky currency trades to develop his wealth. He has also initiated many philanthropic activities. When you look at his income, you will see that he has issued more than half of his money to charitable giving.

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, there were limited sources of funding. However, he worked hard to develop his business in a way that has no parallelism in this industry. George Soros, his also considered as the only person who shorts the British pound. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

The Kabbalah Center teaches Kabbalah, religion, which finds meaning in all the activities of life. Those who practice Kabbalah seek a deeper connection with all aspects of the mystery of life with the goal of finding the ultimate or hidden truths. This connection is beyond life and includes the connections between souls. The Kabbalah Center’s goal is to ensure that Kabbalah is understood.

The Kabbalah Center honors the ancient belief system. A system that assigns meaning to everything including eating food, wearing clothing and finding out how you represent yourself to others. In Kabbalah, you cannot have any excesses of life and must not abstain from anything. One must embrace all of your desires except those that are destructive.

Your clothing is your first impression to others, and you must express yourself well. Eating is an important way of expressing yourself to others, and one should not abstain from enjoying food with others. Kabbalah has a cleansing effect requiring one to be a better person to others. The mystical aspects of Kabbalah lie in one’s afterlife. You must be the best person for everyone including your co-workers to help them rise to a better existence.

Kabbalah is steeped in Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalah Centre was founded in Los Angeles, in 1984, by Philip Berg. The Center’s tradition arose from the work of Rav Yehuda Aslag (Rav), the first master kabbalist, in 1922. This non-profit organization has regional centers and has an online global reach. The Center educates the public the tenets of Kabbalah by teaching courses on Kabbalistic and Zohar.

In 1981, Yehuda Aslag and his wife Karen, came to the United States to teach Kabbalah. Rav Berg published books on Kabbalah. Berg laid down the principles of Kabbalah. The books form the religious underpinnings of the Kabbalah Center.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Role at Tempus and Philanthropy

Eric Lefkofsky was brought up in Southfield under the care of Bill his father and a structural engineer by professional and his mom, Sandy, a teacher. In 1987, graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High School then moved to the University of Michigan and graduated in 1991 with honors. Lefkofsky then enrolled at the University of Michigan Law School receiving Juris Doctor in 1993. He is serving as the CEO of Tempus, which is a Technology Company that he co-founded in 2015.

Tempus is located in Michigan, and it is a technology company that has since put up an operating system that works to fight cancer. The company makes it possible for the physicians to offer personalized care for the cancer patients through the interactive analytical learning platform that it provides. Tempus offers genomic sequencing services to the patients. It also analyzes therapeutic and molecular data to empower the physicians and make instantaneous data-driven assessments.The organizational goal of this company is that each patient should be able to benefit from the treatment of the previous patients by availing to the physician, tools that help them learn as they gather more information. Tempus today employs about 100 people at the River North headquarters. Lefkofsky recently stated that plans are underway to bring in more software engineers, computational biologists as well as other employees into this company to help it achieve its goals.

The office offices of Tempus include among other the genomic sequencing laboratory that can handle more than 50,000 patients every year. This lab is CLIA-certified and highly robotic so that it is optimized to attain a high throughput next-generation sequencing. Sequencing at Tempus takes three weeks maximum after the patient samples are received.In the year 2006, Eric Lefkofsky together with his wife initiated the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This is a charitable foundation meant to boost the various high impact initiatives that that work to improve the lives within the community. Lefkofsky has also advanced his philanthropy by support a number of cancer patients to seek quality treatments and to live a positive life as they battle with this particular disease.