James Dondero: An Executive Giving Back to the Community

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest financial institutions in Texas, and its president and co-founder, James Dondero, has been leading the company to new heights ever since he took the position. Aside from making sure that the company is doing great with rising numbers, James Dondero never forgets to give back to the community and has been doing his philanthropic works even before he was given the position.

One of the most recent philanthropic works by James Dondero is when he greenlighted the company’s plan to give a challenge grant amounting to $1 million to The Family Place, one of the leading non-government organizations in Texas whose primary objective is to stop domestic abuse. The fund that will be collected by the Highland Capital Management will be handled by their philanthropic arm, the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. The Family Place has originally pleaded companies and corporations across the state of Texas to provide donations for their Legacy Campaign. This campaign managed to get a lot of donations from different bodies, but they are still short of $2.8 million dollars, that is why they had to seek the help of the corporations in order for them to reach their goal. The amount that will be collected will be used to build shelters and centers that will take care of domestic violence victims.

James Dondero has stated that the reason why they are giving away such a huge amount is because they care about the people of Texas. They have heard the request from The Family Place, and have seen the reports about the rising number of domestic abuse in the state. They also stated that the police and the mayor are calling for corporations to help the organization, because they are optimistic that this move would significantly bring the number of victims down. Based on the plan coming from the Family Place, the center that they are planning to build would have different facilities that would cater to the needs of those who are victims of domestic abuse, among them are counseling rooms and recreational rooms. The Family Place have also thanked James Dondero for his generosity, and for his will to help the local population being victims of domestic abuse.

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