Rocketship Education Influence on the Community

Rocketship Education, a non-profit network of public charter schools, has been of positive influence to the community since it was launched. Since 2007, twenty-five new public charter schools have been opened to help the low-income communities. Business leaders have since come up to give helping hand to these children. Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook have contributed funds to support the education system. Rocketship community believes that only when they work together with the rest will they have the opportunity to give the low-income children an opportunity to improve their lives.

Rocketship has been recognized for its sterling performance. The network of schools is known for combining the traditional learning system with modern technology. When the network opened its first elementary school, the performance of the school caught the nation’s attention. It was incredible that the school was able to keep high performance with the help of computerized instructions while keeping the costs down.

Parents’ role

The involvement of parents is also a unique aspect of Rocketship Education. Parents are given the opportunity to be involved in interviewing for the teachers. In other schools, a parent will get the chance to meet the teacher after schools begin. Rocketship, however, trains several parents who conduct panel interviews. During the contraction of the school at Southeast Washington, parents were allowed to visit the site and see how things are going before the school opens.

The cores

Rocketship Education has core values that the staff, management, and students follow. The four common values in all their schools are persistence, respect, responsibility, and empathy. However, the fifth value differs from school to school as it is chosen by the parents and teachers. The core value is meant to show the unique vision and character of the school.

Rocketship has social-emotional learning curricula which help the students develop skills that are useful to them and the community. The network always aims to be more of a neighborhood school. Their school at Ward 8 was launched with that principle. Even though the area is considered unsafe, the network hoped that the community would see their effort in helping and enroll their children the school.

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