Learn about MB2 Dental and its last recruitment event in 2017 in 5 minutes

If you follow health-related matters, you have come across the name MB2 Dental Solutions. A dental service firm serves as a partner to established dentists and practice owners globally. MB2 provides affiliated offices and a suite of services to help them operate efficiently and allow them to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

The organization was established with the aim that doctors could work together to achieve more than they could if they worked alone. MB2 hopes that individuals will never forget that culture. It offers young and fresh ideas of how dental practices and management should operate. Also, it is transforming the lives of many patients and dentists. What inspired Dr. Villanueva to start MB2 are the few opportunities that are available to dentists. According to him, dental practitioners had a chance to start their own private business or join an established organization. It inspired him to develop a model that links the two.

Apart from focusing on the profits like the traditional dental management, MB2 brought something unique and inspired to the industry. They focus on personal growth, autonomy, support, and having a great time together. They encourage each other to come up with ideas that will benefit patients who value their services.

The plans promote better standards that result to happier dentists thus facilitating a healthy industry. MB2 has a progressive entrepreneurship culture and prides itself on having a progressive and Intune trends and standards. The organization gives specialists a chance to work together, learn more, and help them to remain in control of what they do. They also make use of modern technology, which offers them speed to market. Their brilliant and youthful culture is backed with practical experience and success.

Wrapping up recruitment season after hosting Texas A&M College of Dentistry Students
The event was the end of a successful recruitment period and a new era of many aspiring doctors. On April 20, 2017, MB2 hosted its last recruitment event of 2017. Over the course of 2016-2017, the organization visited students in Texas and the surrounding states in a bid to equip dental students with networking opportunities and resources to improve their career planning options after graduation.

According to Dr. Villanueva, CEO MB, they visit and connect with bright students that are willing to learn more about their industry every year. The aim of the events is to establish a good working relationship with future doctors.

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