The Undisputed Michel Terpin Driving Skills As Race Driver

Racing is a fantastic game that has improved the lives of many athletes who have turned out to become most popular celebrities. Michel Terpin is a Brazillian celebrity who have many significant wins in the car racing game. He has made a great impact on the games and continues to attract many race lovers to adore him due to his ambitious driving career. Many fans recognize him as a star and cannot hold for a moment to take a glimpse of Michel Terpin when he is on the road. Michel Terpins races for the Bull Sertões Rally Team where he has won major trophies including the completion of the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally. He drives along with his partner Maykel Justo where together, the duo depicts excellent driving skills.

During the Sertões Rally, the duo managed to come out as the overall winners of the first two important stages of the race in the prototypes maintaining the position as one of the five most skilled drivers whose excellence cannot be disputed. Despite some challenges, Michel Terpin has maintained the best outcomes and takes the hard times as an opportunity to improve his skills in this career which he has much love and dedication towards being at the top of his performance. At one time in the race, Michel Terpins encountered a mechanical problem where their car broke down gear suspensions, and it was deep in the countryside where they waited for so long for assistance but the still managed to secure position 4 in the race which was a brilliant performance.

Michel Terpin never gives up, and he confidently said that all the hopes had when they broke down were nearly gone, but he knew that they had to complete the race. He had confidence in that when assistance came they would get back on track, and everything else would roll itself. His passion for racing comes a long way as a family hobby as his brother is a racer too. Together they have formed a famous team and have participated in the Sertões Rally for more than nine times and achieving to win overall or in prototypes, in every race, they participate.

George Soros Donates $18 Billion to Open Society Foundation

Born in Budapest Hungary in 1930, George Soros lived through the Nazi occupation of 1944 and 1945, over 500, 000 Hungarian Jews were murdered. He and his Family were the only ones who survived the rule of false identity papers. George went to London School of Economics. George’s mentor was Karl Popper, a philosopher. He got the title of his foundation from one of Karl’s philosophies. The Forbes rates George Soros as one the top 400 billionaires in the United States. George became famous after making a profit of $1 billion in 24 hours after placing a bet against the British Pound in 1922. The bet gave him a title ‘the man who broke the bank of England.’

Soros philanthropy started in early in the 1970s when he gave scholarships to Black South Africans under apartheid. In the 1980s, he also helped in the promotion of ideas to the Communists of Hungary where he funded the educational visits to the West and even supporting independent cultural groups and other initiatives. His Open Society Foundation has a supportive impact on democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries.

After the Berlin wall fall, Soros created the Central European University, which expanded his philanthropy in the US. He then extended the movement to Africa, Asia, and Latin America to support and help create transparent accountable and democratic societies. George Soros was also one of the voices criticizing drugs. Funding of organizations has been beyond his foundations in that he has supported organizations such as Institute of New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, and the International Crisis Group. Even at the age of 80, George Soros is active to ensure that the Open Society Foundations projects are executed. He achieves that by traveling to many places to fund them and advocate change.

Early 2017, George Soros transferred an amount of $18 billion to one of the human right foundations leading to a donation of $32 billion from 1984 to date. That contribution placed George as the third world most significant donation. During the 2016 presidential elections in the US, Soros donated $10 million of his wealth to fight against hate crimes.

According to Wall Street Journal, the $18 billion transfer is the most substantial donation to a philanthropic nonprofit organization. Before the gift, his net wealth was amounting to $23 billion. That means he gave an amount of 80 percent his wealth to the charitable foundation. George Soros was ranked the 29th wealthiest person in the world. The organization is partnering with stakeholders and their branches all over the world, focusing on the support of democracies and disqualifying cases of social discrimination and injustices among other issues. and more information click here

Rick Smith Made Securus a Better Company

While there are many companies in the prison industry, there are not many that are as great as what Securus is. Rick Smith is the CEO of the company and is a big part of the company. He knows what he’s doing and has run it well since he first became the CEO of it. Securus has continued to get better under Rick Smith’s jurisdiction because he knows what he can do to actually bring change to the industry. For Rick Smith, part of the job is making sure he can do everything in his power to bring attention to the issues in other areas of the prison industry, but that doesn’t always fix the problems people have in their own lives. He wants to make prisons better because he knows it is a necessary part of life, but he doesn’t believe it has to be an inconvenience for the people who aren’t in prison.

By creating systems for the prisons, Rick Smith is doing what he can to make them more adaptable. He wants to show people they will have a chance to try different things if they know what they are doing when it comes to the technology aspect of running a prison. From integrated prison systems to kiosks and everything in between, Securus has been a leader in everything that makes the prison industry the best it can be. Rick Smith knew he wanted to make things better for all the people who he worked with in the prisons so he did what he could to make that happen.

Despite the issues that often go on in the prison setting, Rick Smith believed Securus would be able to help people get the right type of prison help they need. He wanted them to realize Securus had a lot to offer even if others didn’t realize that was the purpose of the company. As long as Rick Smith is doing what he can to help the prison industry, he is making strides for the Securus company. Doing it has helped him realize he wants more for the company as well as the industry.

When other companies began to copy what Rick Smith was doing with Securus, he knew it would be his time to make the company the best it could be. By offering different options for the prisons he worked with, he was going to be able to continue being the best at what he did. He was hopeful it would give him a chance to try different things. Despite all the issues that came with running a prison company, Rick Smith knew it would be rewarding in the end when he had the chance to help prisons.


People Wonder What ClassDojo Is

ClassDojo is a platform where teachers, students, and parents combine their attention, skills and efforts to form a more workable situation for all. The plan is very simple in that when connecting teachers, parents, and students in a cooperative effort the result is a much better educational experience for all.

Some people have the idea that a perfect classroom must be created, but that is not the ideal situation nor will it ever be. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” classroom because each student brings a unique challenge to the table. Teaching must be able to offer enough flexibility to offer a more open connection to students and that is where ClassDojo comes in.

With ClassDojo offers the ability for sharing of photos, messages and videos throughout the school day. The triad of students, teachers and parents actually become partners in seeing to it that the educational experience is shared by all on an ongoing basis.

For example, on a day where the class is putting on a play, a video of the play can be texted or emailed home to parents. Or a particular math lesson is in progress, so problems and quiz scores can be shared with parents. Fun things like music and art class can be shared as well.

Parents can interact with teachers if they have questions. Teachers can share announcements of upcoming events and classroom projects that could involve parents participation. And the list goes on and on.

ClassDojo is in active use in90% of Kindergarten through the 8th grade in the US and also in over 180 other countries. Two main themes of ClsasDojo, the Growth Mindset and Empathy for others have been exposed to 1 out of 3 students from ages 5 to 14 and it has been translated into over 35 languages.

Vincent Parascandola’s Professional history

Vincent Parascandola is the current Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors based out of New York. Mr. Parascandola currently heads a team of over 200 financial professionals at AXA in New Jersey. He is responsible for executive recruitment, training, and mentoring advisors as well as ensuring positive sales growth of the company.

Vincent joined AXA Advisors in 2004 and has worked in different capacities within the AXA group of companies. Before he became Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, Parascandola served in Advantage Group, a unit of AXA Equitable, as its President.

Vincent Parascandola has over 25 years of experience in insurance. He began his career as a sales agent in 1987 in Prudential. His exceptional record earned him the title of National rookie of the year 1989. He later joined MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990 where he held a couple of positions both locally and regionally.

He has earned numerous management awards throughout his career in recognition of his contribution to the insurance industry. He has received the prestigious GAMA’S Career Development Award and Master Agency Award. He has given speeches internationally by using his experience to educate those in the financial world. He is a graduate of Pace University with a bachelor’s degree in science.

AXA Advisors is based in New York. They provide financial security solutions on top of offering a wide range of financial services including advising clients on retirement planning, life insurance policies, and employee benefits. They have a team of over 6000 advisors who offer professional financial services to individuals and high-net-worth individuals. They provide useful insights and provide strategies that enable people to plan for their future. The professionals have over 150 combined years of offering financial services. Besides that, they also manage over 540$ billion in assets. You can visit his Facebook page.

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Adam Goldenberg Is The Brains Behind The Success Story Of The JustFab

Adam Goldenberg became an entrepreneur at a very young age. Just as he was 15, he started the Gamers alliance, and it dealt with the advertising of the gaming sites. In 1999, he joined the intermix media, and that was his parent’s company. He had just sold his Gamer’s Alliance just before he was about to graduate high school. In 2006, that was when he met his long-term partner Don Ressler. When News Corp acquired the Intermix, and it did cost $650 million. Currently, they are working together as the CEOs of the JustFab, which was launched in 2010. It has since shown an enormous success because worldwide it has more than 35miilion members.

JustFab has been expanding in other countries that are outside the United States. In countries like the Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK, and much more. In 2016, the JustFab changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group, but this is a change that most people expected. The renaming was so that the company would emphasize that the primary JustFab root was in technology. Shawn Gold is the one who hinted the name, he has recently joined the group and is no working as the corporate marketing officer.

When talking about unicorn companies Adam Goldenberg believed that they are those companies that reached the $1 million when they got evaluated by the auditors, and JustFab was not any different. VatorTV’s Bambi interviewed Adam Goldenberg, and he had the opportunity to talk about what becoming a unicorn meant to JustFab. Goldenberg said that it didn’t change anything, but they saw it as a privilege that they had created a great company. JustFab being a unicorn was going to change how they carried their business and that they will remain true to their values.

Due to the renaming of the company JustFab to TechStyle, Adam Goldenberg was invited to CNBC so that he could be able to share what was the essence of the rebranding of the company. According to him, there has been a high improvement when it came to the fashion subscription that they got when it came to the feedbacks of the customers. The renaming of the company was so that they would create a brand name that the customers would relate too. TechStyle was all about how customers would use technology while purchasing something from start to finish. Adam Goldenberg emphasized that the most important thing about rebranding was that someone must have the passionate customers.

The Expansion into Footwear and Fabletics’s Approach

No outfit is complete without footwear. Believe it or not, people put tons of importance on the footwear. Therefore, it is very important for the stylish person to make sure that her shoes are in top form. For some women, there is more to good footwear than just having it clean. Some people have to have the most unique designs and color scheme. It can be challenging even for women to find the right shoes for the outfit. Fortunately, there are tons of shoes for women to try out with great style and design from Fabletics and other brands of TechStyle.


Even though TechStyle has already started off with shoes with the brand that would eventually become known as ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, being a stylish company is only making it more fun for women when they introduce their line of shoes. However, there is a difference in the shoes that Fabletics offer compared to many other brands that offer footwear. One common issue with different brands of shoes is that it can make some people believe that style and comfort are mutually exclusive. For one thing, there are tons of factors in the comfort of the clothes. One of the factors is the material.


Fabletics makes sure that they are bringing the highest quality possible in their clothes that they offer people. They make sure that they are going to offer clothes that are comfortable with some of the most appealing designs that are meant to inspire people to find one that suits their personalities. This is one thing that Fabletics does well. They make sure that they style and provide clothes according to different personalities. After all, a large part of fashion is self expression. The worst thing to do is try to dictate to other people what they should be wearing.


Fabletics is not only trying to sell clothes but a culture. This type of culture that is coming forth is the type of culture that welcomes differences and self expression. Where other people are running the risk of ridicule in their fashion choices, Fabletics is doing everything it can to fight this type of mindset. One of the worst things about fashion is when it goes into conformity. The LifeStyle Quiz and other features of the TechStyle brands are one of the tools that people use in order to make sure that they get the type of items they truly desire.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Highland Capital’s New Co-CIO Excited To Join Executive Committee

Trey Parker is thrilled with a decision that Highland Capital’s board of leaders made this last month to promote him to co-CIO, joining Mark Okada who has held that office since the firm was founded. Okada and the firm’s CEO James Dondero approved of this decision because it will allow Okada to focus on his responsibilities in the Floating Rate Fund and Senior Loan ETF, and it will also bring a fresh face to Highland’s Equity and Structured Products committee. Parker has been with Highland Capital since 2007 and has been a manager in the credit research department and will now have an expanded role in that department and in other portfolio management responsibilities.

Highland Capital is one of the nation’s largest private equity firms with holdings in a diverse array of industries from manufacturing, biotech, medical and healthcare research, real estate and emerging markets. Many of Highland Capital’s funding has come through collateralized loan obligations, but they’ve also used other specialized bonds and high-yield credit funds. Highland Capital has built a great reputation because they’ve adhered to an environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy that has made sure they maintain transparency, keeping investors in the know and having a solid risk management policy in place.

Highland Capital’s founders James Dondero and Mark Okada both come from extensive banking backgrounds with Dondero having served many years as a corporate bond analyst for American Express, and Okada being a former executive at Hibernion National Bank. Both hold the certification of Chartered Financial Analyst. They both came to Protective Life Asset Management in the early 90s and were asked to take a subsidiary of the firm from concept to reality. They did so and within a year brought in over $2 billion in AUM. By 1997, both Dondero and Okada had bought out the subsidiary and one year later renamed it Highland Capital. Highland Capital now has over $15 billion in AUM and has made steady gains over the years. Highland Capital is also the parent to the Highland Foundation which supports local humanitarian groups including the Family Place, a domestic violence shelter.

Forex Trainer and Trader, George Soros

When it comes to success, Secker believes that it has got no age limit and became a multi-millionaire while he was still young. He happens to be amongst the most famous businessman, forex trading guru, trainer and a great expert who has been on the frontline ensuring that he helps as many people as possible understand the basics of forex trading. Greg is also the founder of Greg Secker Foundation, an organization that has been helping people live better lives. He has been there for the less fortunate in the society.

Greg is also a great author who possesses qualities of a great and a professional writer. He has been involved during the writing of a book called The Book of Success. This is the bestselling motivational book across the world, and Secker’s inputs have been awesome. He is also an author of a book called Financial Freedom Through Forex and also traders favorite edition called Trading Your Ways to Success. They contain the best and winning forex strategies that have helped so many people understand what forex is all about. Secker has also published so many articles that focus on success especially better forex trading strategies. He has not been left behind regarding inspiring and mentoring potential traders.

Greg Secker also happens to be the founder of several companies, and he has worked tirelessly towards ensuring that he works closely with potential traders. He is believed to have changed the lives of so many people across the world whom he has personally trained through seminars and others in workshops. Greg has been respected by so many people because of his commitment to helping others and therefore making so many lives proud. The companies are Capital Index, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software and also FX Capital. These companies have been able to improve their lives entirely and are doing very well. Greg Secker as a graduate of Nottingham University has been fortunate to have learned to code while still at the school. He has been able to abandon his food science career to a great forex trader. He is a great person with a lot of wealth which he has accumulated over the years.

How Don Ressler Helped Create The Success Of Fabletics

Up until recently, women’s athletic wear was either affordable or fashionable, never both. This has been one of the main problems with this industry over the years. Two entrepreneurs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, noticed this issue and sought to introduce a new company to address it. They knew they could exploit this fact and build a successful women’s athletic wear firm that would offer clothing that was both fashionable and affordable. The result was Fabletics which they co-founded on the premise of offering clothing of this type that was affordable, functional, and affordable.

In co-founding Fabletics, Ressler and Goldenberg focused on providing the type of clothing that women wanted. They conducted many consumer tests and held focus groups at different locations around the country. What they found was universal in that women were tired of overly-expensive athletic wear that was cheaply made, sort of ugly, and usually didn’t fit very well. The only way they knew to have an outfit they truly liked was by spending way more money than most women were comfortable spending.

Don Ressler wanted to bring in somebody that was an expert at women’s athletic wear and could serve as the face of Fabletics. His answer was Kate Hudson who was brought in as one of the top executives of the brand. Women know Kate Hudson to be a friendly and confident person who very much enjoys staying fit. Don Ressler installed her as the spokeswoman of Fabletics and she is deeply involved in managing the company and what they offer to members of the company.

One of the big issues that Don Ressler also tackled was the complexity of the industry. It can be quite difficult to create athletic wear clothing that is fashionable and functional which is something most brands don’t pull off. He already had experience in the industry before co-founding Fabletics which led to his company successfully designing good quality clothes that were comfortable to wear for women of all sizes and shapes.

Fabletics started out as an online brand. Women sign up for a Fabletics VIP, which costs $50 a month, and in return can buy discounted clothing that is shipped free of charge. They also earn reward points that they can turn into more clothing to wear. Don Ressler has said that he’s very happy with where Fabletics is now. The company has been very successful and is branching out to expanding the brand for their members.