White Shark; Rises to Top the North American’s Digital Marketing Agency

When speaking of Digital Marketing Agency, we find the White Shark Media. It is a leading online market in delivering marketing solutions to medium and small businesses. White Shark has been accredited as the fastest growing media in the hole of North America. It is reputed for the development of affordable Search Marketing campaigns. Customers have also been experiencing world-class services.

Formally a boutique company, white shark has been playing an important role in transforming the business into successful businesses through the use of their online marketing tactics together with appropriate marketing tools. The other tool that White Shark uses is the application of customer trucking methods. They can truck their customers for accountability. It uses the Google Analytic Integration, keyword level call tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence in detail tracking of the progress of the customers.

Three Danish entrepreneurs founded the White Shark Media in the year 2011. Its founding was driven by the vast knowledge and experience the three had in both online marketing and offline marketing. Moreover, the main objective of its founding was to outdo the SMB market than in the Latin America and the United States through delivering of full services that were incomparable. Through research, the three co-founders realized that for them to be successful in the market, they had to combine both the local and international presence. On top of this, they had to ensure that the employee’s body is based on complete bilingual. The information the company learns through the years is passed over to the company’s esteemed clients. This implies that the company is focused on offering proven concept and not at all through trials and testing from scratch.

White Shark has pride because the first client is still with them. The company has now grown into three countries with more than 150 employees who master AdWords Search, among other services. Google took notice of the White Sharks fast growth in the year 2012. The company was summoned at to the Google headquarters in California, and a specially designated team was allocated to help leverage the company’s growth together with its clients need. White Shark received the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership award in 2014. Something important to note is that Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partners is a special team that Google only assign to these agencies that meet certain eligibility and training.

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