How Don Ressler Helped Create The Success Of Fabletics

Up until recently, women’s athletic wear was either affordable or fashionable, never both. This has been one of the main problems with this industry over the years. Two entrepreneurs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, noticed this issue and sought to introduce a new company to address it. They knew they could exploit this fact and build a successful women’s athletic wear firm that would offer clothing that was both fashionable and affordable. The result was Fabletics which they co-founded on the premise of offering clothing of this type that was affordable, functional, and affordable.

In co-founding Fabletics, Ressler and Goldenberg focused on providing the type of clothing that women wanted. They conducted many consumer tests and held focus groups at different locations around the country. What they found was universal in that women were tired of overly-expensive athletic wear that was cheaply made, sort of ugly, and usually didn’t fit very well. The only way they knew to have an outfit they truly liked was by spending way more money than most women were comfortable spending.

Don Ressler wanted to bring in somebody that was an expert at women’s athletic wear and could serve as the face of Fabletics. His answer was Kate Hudson who was brought in as one of the top executives of the brand. Women know Kate Hudson to be a friendly and confident person who very much enjoys staying fit. Don Ressler installed her as the spokeswoman of Fabletics and she is deeply involved in managing the company and what they offer to members of the company.

One of the big issues that Don Ressler also tackled was the complexity of the industry. It can be quite difficult to create athletic wear clothing that is fashionable and functional which is something most brands don’t pull off. He already had experience in the industry before co-founding Fabletics which led to his company successfully designing good quality clothes that were comfortable to wear for women of all sizes and shapes.

Fabletics started out as an online brand. Women sign up for a Fabletics VIP, which costs $50 a month, and in return can buy discounted clothing that is shipped free of charge. They also earn reward points that they can turn into more clothing to wear. Don Ressler has said that he’s very happy with where Fabletics is now. The company has been very successful and is branching out to expanding the brand for their members.

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