How Brian Torchin Matches Applicants To Jobs In The Healthcare And Legal Industries

Brian Torchin is a business executive who lives in the greater Philadelphia area. He is the chief executive officer of HCRC Staffing, a company headquartered in Narberth, Pennsylvania. His company helps businesses of all sizes find qualified staff. He focuses on the legal and healthcare fields and has placed people at companies across America and Canada as well as overseas. He says that his company can provide a qualified candidate for an open position at one of his clients within just 72 hours time.

Before starting his career, Torchin earned an undergraduate degree in exercise science at the University of Deleware. He then attended the New York Chiropractic College where he graduated in 1995 with a medical degree as a chiropractor. He immediately went into the healthcare field after graduating and in 2000 he joined Practice Management, Inc. He was this firm’s director of medical marketing and he held this position for over seven years before joining HCRC Staffing.

At HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin can find placements for many types of professionals in the healthcare industry. This includes chiropractors, urgent care, physical therapists, dentists, nurse practitioners, billing experts, and other professions in this industry. In the legal industry his company has helped clients find great attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, legal administrators, and support staff plus others in this industry as well. Read more at

As HCRS Staffing has clients around the globe, Brian Torchin has staff ready to answer client questions during extended hours as well as on the weekends. This is necessary because they can help businesses in all 50 states plus those in Australia, Europe, Canada, and Asia. He says that his firm has created a large database of professionals in both the healthcare and legal fields which enables his company to swiftly match job applicants to open positions.

Brian Torchin’s company doesn’t just match people to available jobs, though. They also provide services such as scheduling interviews, checking references, and handling employment contracts once someone is offered a job. He says that he relies upon his decades in the industry to ably meet the needs of his customers. Visit:


Ian King and How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Losing Money to Crypto Scammers

If you have a desire to invest in digital currency, you should make sure that you are doing your research first. Even though there are many different types of crypto currency options springing up everywhere on the internet, there are some that have not been proven as financially stable, while others are just scams to take away the average individual’s investment money. To avoid these problems and situations, you can protect your investments by looking into what is real in this industry and what it is not. According to Ian King, in his article, ‘How to Beat the Crypto Scammer’, he is giving a lot of information that instructs you on how to protect yourself. From how to look for tangible ways to find credible resources to how to identify the digital coin wallets that are worthless, he provides invaluable information on this topic. In fact, here are 2 things that you review as you evaluate your potential to participate in the crypto currency industry. Read this article at ZeroHedge about Ian King

Look for Publications on why South Korea Threaten To Shut Down Digital Currencies in their Country

As of recent, there has been a lot of noise going on in the background about digital currencies and transacting them in these closely knit financial communities. Because these digital coins can be mined, stored and transacted, people are expected to make a lot of money as they increase astronomically. Though this is one of the main claims of fame to getting people into these financial exchanges, when the flow does not follow what is expected, people can lose a vast amount of money to scammers.

Due to these problems and the fact that some scammers were able to prey on the average consumer, South Korea’s initial response was to shut these digital currencies down. Instead, they established specific laws to protect the unsuspecting so that they would not lose their money. In these laws, you can also find the techniques and strategies used to prey on the newbie and the average consumer.

Look for How Scammers Fake Out their Predators

Because these scammers can get quite creative when they want to present themselves as the real deal, you will need to know how to navigate safely around them to avoid these pitfalls. For instance, according to Ian King, you should be wary of those digital currencies that cannot match the coins that they have in circulation with the amount that is in their reserves. Similar to the same concept as the federal reserve bank, U.S. banks must be able to financially back up the numbers that they have stored away.

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Matt Badiali: The Wealth Strategist

Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali started his career path early on by working as a scientist. He graduated with a degree in Earth Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University. Further, into his studies, he also achieved a Master’s degree in Geology in Flora Atlantic University. He went on to get his Ph.D. in the University of North Carolina until a friend introduced him to the world of finance in 2004.

The man who introduced him to the world of finance wanted Matt Badiali to be his business partner. They both thought of developing methods to help average people to invest their money better. He believed that Matt Badiali’s skills and knowledge would be extremely useful in the system that they are planning to develop.

And so, in 2004, Matt Badiali along with the financial team attempted to craft solutions that would entice the average American to invest money. Matt’s approach was quite personal: He drew experience from learning through his father. While sharing the difficulties that his father experienced in investing, he found himself a relatable figure and made it a way to engage readers and potential investors alike. See more of Matt Badiali on Facebook

More about Mr. Badiali’s Work

Matt Badiali decided to create a newsletter that would help potential investors by giving advice on where they can place their assets in terms of energy, metals and natural resources. He believed that he had the good knowledgebase to give a sound opinion because of his many years of study. As a result, he has helped a lot of people succeed through their investment choices.

A typical day for Mr. Badiali is writing first thing he steps into his office. He always keeps good habits by reading, going to the gym, and spending time with his family. He also believes in focusing one thing at a time, whether it be work or leisure.

One of the most common things he likes to write about aside from the investment side of things is his personal experiences. This, he believes, is a way to connect with the readers. When people see themselves in your writing, the more they are engaged to read and do actionable steps.

Matt Badiali gives advice to future investors: People should keep an eye on sustainable energy and natural resources. He observes that the world is going through a global shift from using exhaustible energy sources into renewable ones. If investors know where to place their money based on the current energy trends, they will possibly reap fruitful rewards in the future.


Jeremy Goldstein Outlines EPS And Its Implementation In Corproates

Employees working in a company are always on the lookout for benefits and incentives that can aid them as they progress through their careers. They want to be able to progress so that they can lead a more comfortable life and support their families. Contrary to what people usually believe, companies do want to provide their employees with promotions and another kind of benefits, but there can be several challenges that they might face. For one, smaller businesses find it harder to give their employees the benefits that they are looking forward to, especially if the company is still in its infancy. Bigger companies that have a lot of employees working for them often face difficulties when they are trying to determine which employees should be able to avail of these benefits, and who shouldn’t. Learn more:



Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent corporate lawyer from the state of New York recently came out with an article about what companies can do when they are trying to offer a certain kind of employee benefits. He is the founder of his law firm, which is Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. In the article that he published, he stated that compromise is one of the best ways to be able to offer employees what they want, without going overboard and getting too caught up in how to offer it. In the article, he also shed light on a relevant topic that corporations are usually in two minds over, which is EPS.



It is something that a lot of corporates have started implementing so that they can offer their employees the benefits that they deserve. In this system, employee benefits are determined according to the employee to share ratio. This system has been proven to be effective because it applies a fixed formula to determine how much an employee should ideally get. This system has encouraged more people to invest in companies that are implementing this, which provides better scope for development and profits on both the investor’s end as well as the company’s end.



However, there are a few drawbacks that companies can face while implementing the system. Even though this can determine how much an employee should get, the choice of who should get it is left entirely up to the company itself. This can lead to discrimination, where employers only offer benefits to employees who they favor.


Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen Follows Current Events to Invest Successfully

In 1970 Brazilian born Igor Cornelsen had just graduated from the Federal University of Parana. That same year he embarked on a career in banking.

Five years earlier at the age of 18, he was accepted to the Federal University of Parana’s Engineering School. Cornelsen was two years into working towards an engineering degree when he decided to change his career trajectory. Remaining at the University of Parana he changed his major to economics. His engineering classes actually put him at an advantage in the banking industry.

Forty-eight years ago the use of electronics like computers and calculators was uncommon in the banking industry. His engineering studies taught him the use of a slide rule. In banking, he would use a slide rule to figure compound interest. Check more at for more info.

It wasn’t long before Cornelsen’s talent for finance became obvious. In 1974 he was presented with the opportunity to study investment banking. A stand-out in his class he was given a seat on the Multibanco’s Board of Directors. By the time his career with Multibanco ended two years later he was CEO of the company.

After Bank of America acquired Multibanco Cornelsen moved to Unibanco. He spent nine years at Unibanco before entering the employ of Libra Bank PLC a subsidiary of London Merchant Bank. The next stop on Igor Cornelsen’s career path was Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.

He would serve as SCMB’s Brazilian representative and was a member of the board of directors. He struck out on his own in 1995. Twenty-three years later Igor Cornelsen remains an investment banker taking a hands-on approach to the operation of his investment fund.

Today he is based out of Sao Paulo. The beginning of his day coincides with the 8:00 am opening of the European Markets. Cornelsen’s main source of information for managing his investments is Reuters News web service. He states that Reuters’ neutrality and accuracy make it a more dependable source of information than investors or even market analyst.

Cornelsen’s advice to investors is to follow his example of studying the news and learn to recognize how global events affect investments. Read more:


OSI Group Offers A Career In The Food Services Industry

Everyone needs to eat. One of the main tasks of people all over the globe is providing good food for people all year long. Such is the case with OSI Group. They take raw materials and turn them food that people everywhere enjoy eating. Many people may be eating food from OSI Group without knowing it. Those who wish to be part of this growing Aurora, IL food company will find it makes and ideal way to join the food services industry. Under the leadership of OSI President and CEO David G. McDonald, applicants can find many opportunities to work here. In doing so they can be part of an industry that is only likely to continue to see vast expansion in the global marketplace. A career in the food service industry allows employees to help make sure that everyone has access to a good meal. When they are a part of this company, they are a part of a company that is entirely dedicated to providing fabulous and wonderfully tasty food for people no matter where they are or what they are doing. Company officials look for those who love food and want to give people something they can rely on for a fulling and nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A Growing Field

First founded nearly a century ago, today this organization is one that offers food not only in the United States but all over the globe. Employees who work here in their many offices know they must strive to help company officials quality deliver meals from sources as diverse as India and Germany. They also know that they must maintain the highest possible industry standards. As people increasingly spend hours away from their home, they look to places like cafeterias to provide them the calories they need. At this company, they understand that need and strive to meet it. The field of food services will only continue to grow. World population is expected to continue to increase. People will always need to eat. Company officials look for employees who can embrace this growth and use it to their advantage. A career here and in the food services industry can be just right for those who love to eat. Company officials seek employees who are prepared to understand what people like to eat and seek out new ways to deliver it to them no matter where they are.

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Insight into the Career Life of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Bauman specializes in the matters related to asset protection, migration issues, and low-risk investment strategies. Ted graduated from the State University of New York with a degree in Business Administration and a specialization in management information systems. Later, he furthered in Georgia State University with a Master’s in Business Administration in 2001. Ted has spent much of his life connecting people with the necessary resources needed to propel them to freedom. As a young man, Ted Bauman emigrated to South Africa and studied economics and history. In South Africa, his career revolved around several executive positions in non-profit institutions. He identified with the philanthropic foundation, Slum Dwellers International. The organization deals with helping slum dwellers to access basic needs. To date, it has helped over 14 million people across the globe.

Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

In the 2000s, Ted took up consultancy work and researched extensively on finance, urban planning, and housing. He worked on research for the United Nation, the World Bank, and the South African government among many others. Ted would later return to the States in 2008 where he landed an opportunity with Habitat for Humanity International as a director. Bauman left the institution in 2013 and joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a full-time writer and editor. In a recent interview, he said that after seeing his daughter to school, he heads to his office in the basement and starts working immediately. Ted is most productive in the morning. Once in a while, he wakes earlier than usual and gets to writing. Most of the days, Ted is usually committed to current news and topics that interest his readers. Posed with the question of how he brings ideas to life, Ted Bauman said that his excellent writing and narrative skills help him in reaching the audience.

Notably, the trend that excites him is the ability of the American reader to ask questions on matters related to the economy. Concern from the people about the government investments is on the rise. As a habit, early mornings ensures that he remains productive. Ted Bauman wishes he would have learned better time management early. As it is so, it’s one of the things he’d do differently. On his failures, Ted has had many but most had less to do with business. From the challenges, he learned to be pragmatic. Ted Bauman relies on mainstream media and some unorthodox websites for his writing. Check:


Glen Wakeman lucrative work history with GE Capital

Glen Wakeman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holding LLC. As a businessman, he loves to pair talented people with good ideas with the capital they need to get their business off their feet. The only problem is that good ideas need smart planning and structure. That is why lots of small businesses fail. New entrepreneurs can use LaunchPad Holdings simple software platform to get their business idea into a workable plan. With decades of experience Glen Wakeman knows how to run a business efficiently. He came up with a 5 step proven methodology that looks at all aspect of business to make it run more smoothly and successfully. These 5 points are leadership, execution, human capital, governance, and risk management. So many companies that Glen has worked with have succeeded with a little help of his proven method.


Success Story of Glen Wakeman

The CEO attended the University of Scranton and received at BS in Finance and Economics. Moving on got a MBA in Finance from The University of Chicago. It wasn’t long until he dove head first into the work field. He experienced a extremely successful career at GE Capital, see here. He stayed with them for over 20 years and in that time rose to the ranks of CEO for their GE Money Latin American branch. His efforts produced results ten fold in a short period of time. From scratch he build 9 country operations, created multiple products, created dozens of partnerships, and executed over 1000 branches of networking. This equaled out to 17,000 employees and made over $2 billion dollars in revenue. The company’s Board of Directors called him a Growth Leadership role mode. Glen has lived in 6 different countries and is currently learning to speak Spanish. He recently invested in a course at Berlitz and found it to be a wise investment. Whether he is coming up with new business ideas, or meeting with his associates to figure out business plans he always uses his sense of curiosity to delve deeper. Mr. Wakeman attributes this to being successful. It becomes a good way to problem solve and truly understand what’s going on.

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