Glen Wakeman Educates Up and Coming Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur, businessman, innovator and among all other attributes, he is a mentor. He has had various roles throughout his career that vary from business development, board of director administrative positions, President, and CEO, but by far one of the most important facets of his career is the position of CEO with the company LaunchPad Holdings LLC.

LaunchPad Holdings LLC is based on the principle of mentorship which characterizes a lot of who Glen Wakeman is. The main idea behind the company was to create a fully automated and functional software that enables newer businessmen and entrepreneurs to organize their ideas into working ones ( This platform allows for a much more extensive mentorship that prepares entrepreneurs to start a successful business all from their own ideas. Wakeman jumped to the idea of having an easy to use platform where creative and talented startup ideas may flourish.

Recently, Glen Wakeman was interviewed and ask series of different questions all relating to him as a person and in the workplace. When asked what a typical day in the life is for him, he responded with the following:”For me, the typical day begins with reviewing the numbers from the prior day. This includes service performance, sales, and cash totals. Next, I take conference with my partners and divide up the daily duties, such as sales meetings, design revisions, management of administrative tasks, and paying the bills. After that we start researching things like current customer trends, reviewing inquiries, responding to communications, seeing what the competition is doing, and making plans for our general world takeover. My day usually ends with getting coffee or tea, or possibly a margarita (depending on the day was like).”

Glen Wakeman is more than just a CEO at a company. He is a successful investor, writer, and an inspiration to the many new generations of entrepreneurs to come.


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