Securus Technologies Helping Correctional Facilities Get Rid of Drones Related Menace

Securus Technologies knows what the corrections space need regarding technology and uses all its resources to ensure the sector gets what it needs. Recently, the focus of the company was diverted to drone detection technology, which it has been working on for the past couple of years. Drone detection technology by Securus Technologies has become necessary with the increasing use of drones to supply a wide variety of contraband items inside the prison.


The correctional officers have for years been working on methods to stop any land-based methods to supply contraband inside the prison, but with the drones come into the picture; the entire correctional fraternity has been taken aback. The correctional facilities are not ready to stop the drones from entering the prison space slyly and dropping the contraband items. In some instances, the correctional officers have been able to catch the contraband packages these drones drop and have found that it contains weapons, drugs, and contraband phones, along with other illegal items.


Drone detection technology by Securus Technologies would ensure that no drone can pass through the prison perimeter without being noticed or detected. As soon as the drone is detected, the corrections officers would be notified, and its location would be shared as well. It would lead to the corrections officers implementing ways to catch hold of the drone and the contraband package it carries.


The drones these days are fast and fly very high up in the sky, but if the location of the drone is known at the right time, the corrections officers can try and neutralize and catch hold of it with ease. It is what the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies aims to do. It would help the correctional officers to provide better security to the inmates as well as safeguard themselves from any harm outside the prison.



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