Shelon Lavin: A Good Business Man

The business world and being a good person aren’t usually associated with one another. People think if business as big corrupt groups of people out for self-gain. To be fair there have been cases of this type of behavior but there are good people who not only see lucrative business but also manage to contribute and give positivity back to the world. There are many examples of people.

who have done this but one in particular is Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive officer of a company known as OSI Group LLC. This is a company that deals in food processing. They work with foods such as vegetables, poultry, dough products, fish, and general meats.

Sheldon Lavin wasn’t always the Chairman of this company he in fact started like a lot of people. He attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern university with a concentration in accounting and finance. Later attained a Bachelor of Science degree from Roosevelt University which is also in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating he had his own financial consulting business in Chicago.

Sometime during this phase in his life, he started associating with Otto & Sons which over time eventually became OSI Industries. Lavin’s business acumen has lead this company to great success. It is today a several billion-dollar global company. The products this company processes are located in at least 65 different factories in at least 17 different countries.

This is where Sheldon Lavin differs from other business men as his expansion into other countries has benefited them greatly. Every time a factory is opened in another area or country more jobs are available to the public and because of this Sheldon Lavin has received the Global Visionary Award for making this possible. Not only did he help grow this company and spread jobs worldwide, but Lavin is incredibly charitable. He is a known Ronald McDonald house supporter and even is a trustee of it. He is the president of the family charity foundation known as the Sheba house. Sheldon Lavin is a true example of a great balance of business and a good heart.

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