Real Estate Guru Nick Vertucci’s New Book Details his Formula for Success

Just published is the book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Success, the new book Nick Vertucci has written about his successes in real estate and details his formula for business idea development and wealth attainment. Diving into his methodologies and his confidence place this book squarely in the “must read” category for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Nick Vertucci began his real estate investment career after the “” crash had taken a toll on his finances. Entering the real estate market after his previous loss was disquieting but through his extensive research and detailed planning, he developed a successful real estate purchase and management system that has allowed him to make large profits through “flips” and a comfortable income through his property investments. In 2014, Nick Vertucci opened the NV Real Estate Academy, and he began teaching his real estate method to others.

His success has made many curious about his achievements and has encouraged others to try to emulate his success. Answering to this demand, Nick Vertucci has written a book that delves into the components of his entrepreneurial philosophy and gives the details on his four-step success formula, See it, Believe it, Map it and Execute it.

While many people can achieve the goal visualization and can understand the planning that is essential for success, he has noticed a lot of people struggle with “believing” portion. Self-confidence is the key trait to entrepreneurial success and one has to know that they can do it. Delving into the causes of this lack of belief and providing steps to gain self-confidence, Nick Vertucci is wonderful at the “pep talk” and reading his book helps to boost the motivation and the confidence someone needs to succeed. Seven Figure Decisions is a great addition to an entrepreneur’s library and can help solidify business plans and goals as well as motivate and nurture self-belief.

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