See What Michael Hagele Did To Be the Esteemed Person He Is Today

Whenever you see some people being successful in the business world, they didn’t start that way. Some of these business gurus today developed their interests and passion for business when they had their worst jobs. Having the worst job doesn’t mean life won’t change for the better someday. This is something that Michael Hagele would explain to you using better words and real experiences. His life changed while he was working at a car wash on chilly days in winter. He changed his mind from who he was to who he looked forward to being. He purposed to pursue education and get something helpful for himself. His determination saw him through and that is why he is who he is today. Follow Michael on Instagram

Michael’s career journey started when he joined Iowa University for his bachelor degree in Law. Michael Hegel then furthered his education at Californian University in Berkeley where he graduated with a juris doctorate degree. After his university studies, he worked in the Online Commerce and Licensing at Fenwick $ West LLP. This gave him the required expertise to offer the legal representation that most online companies need to settle their legal affairs. His legal expertise and business knowledge have made him marketable globally today. Michael is today a reputable legal counsel for most industries, particularly among the defense, internet, biotechnology, aerospace, and technology ones. Michael Hagele happens to be an esteemed investor and founder of most of the hospitality companies and restaurants in these industries today.

Most people know Michael Hegel as a man with immense business experience in hardware, software and telecommunications areas. Technology is his main specialty even if he has excelled in other businesses. Every day Michael wakes up is a day to first solve the technology hitches his clients have, probably in the morning before he does anything else. He usually goes for bike riding in the afternoons just to get rejuvenated. He reveals that most of his successful and great business ideas come into his mind during these bike rides. In the technology industry, Michael says that its future depends on the success of Artificial Intelligence. Michael Hagele believes in connecting with like-minded individuals, especially on the social media platforms. View:

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