Features of Ara Chakerian’s Personality

Ara Chakerian, 49, is an astute American businessman, leader, and altruist. He is also a husband and father. He resides in California. His business career spans decades, when he was CEO and director of several companies. There are two distinctive features to his personality. He has a burning love for human beings, and love for nature. These drive his great interest in digital healthcare, education, and sustainable environmental programs.




Health Care




Ara Chakerian is the investor who helped revamp diagnostic and curative health care. He gave money for research into magnetic stimulation for treatment of depression. This momentous development is the basis for developments in the treatment of depression. He built his business career when there were challenges in America’s healthcare system. He shared the goal to provide affordable universal health care. That is why he invested in many startups healthcare companies, some of which he built from scratch. An example is BMC diagnostics, a California based healthcare service provider. BMC provides digital integrate behavioral healthcare.








His love for humanity is only equal to his desire to improve lives by sharing what he has. He is a prolific philanthropist. His charity works have a profound effect on societies in and out of the USA. He donates money to support humanitarian effort in Nicaragua and Armenia. He is a gifted, yet humble man with an insatiable desire to change lives. He supports nonprofit organizations that foster youth enlightenment and empowerment. For more info you can visit crunchbase.com




Environmental concerns




As a champion for environment and sustainability, Ara Chackerian supports farming community empowerment. He believes that enlightened farmers can live in harmony with nature. He has a completely different approach, from fellow businessmen who sponsor conservation programs. He is part of the efforts towards sustainability. He grows Teak on his 1000 acre farm to help clean the air of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases.




Ara Chackerian is as a quintessential businessman, leader, and environmentalist. He is a focused man who touches the lives of everyone within his ambit.



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