Techniques Dr. Dov Rand Uses To Reduce the Aging Process

The kind of transformation and change Healthy Aging Medical Centers have experienced since 2010 is great under the presidency of Dr. Dov Rand. He is one of the health professionals with great passion in the aging issues. For patients with aging medical issues, Dov Rand uses some of the most effective regenerative and integrative approaches to treat them. No one wants to grow old quickly. Everyone wants to stay and look young all the time. Dov Rand has individualized therapies he uses to ensure the patients stay healthy and younger. These therapies are good in restoring the vitality and health the patients had when they were younger.

As a specialist in bioidentical hormones, Dr. Dov Rand knows that hormone levels, nutrition, and exercise play an important role in treating aging issues. One thing that Dr. Rand says openly is that each individual has both bad hormones and good ones. He notes that the levels of bad hormones increase in the blood system as people age, while their good hormone levels decrease. Insulin and cortisol are examples of the bad hormone. Cortisol is the stress hormone while insulin is good at storing fat. According to Rand, good hormones include human growth hormone, progesterone, thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, and DHEA.

Dr. Rand knows how to balance these hormones to ensure his patients have more stamina, strength, and energy (Newjerseybio-identicaldoctor). He has medical skills he uses to ensure the patients he treats don’t become depression victims quite often. He has vast knowledge on hormone balancing that helps his patients to reduce chances of suffering from cancerous conditions. One thing Rand does to ensure the patients are not exposed to heart disease is bringing down their cholesterol levels.

It is important to note that Rand doesn’t just treat aging issues, he is also competent in treating low libido, mood swings, hot flashes, mental fogginess, weight gain, insomnia, menopause symptoms, muscle atrophy, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, poor memory and vaginal dryness. He received his medical training at Albeit Einstein Medical Center based in New York. He is an integrative practitioner who provides nutrient IV therapy as one of the wellness programs in his career.


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