Breaking News About Graham Edwards

The Center for Policy Studies in Great Britain announced its New Generation initiative that has provided a new platform for new people who can build fresh policy thoughts. Graham Edwards will become the Chairman of our new Housing Policy Group and a CPS Research Fellow. Edwards is CEO of Telereal Trillium since 2001. Graham Edwards is working on developing policies that turbo-charge both house building and home ownership with CPS in addition. Telereal Trillium is the UK’s largest privately owned property company. He began the transaction that resulted in 6,700 properties transferred from British Telecom to Telereal in a £2.4 bn outsourcing deal.

This partnership has been viewed as a profitable merger, which took place in 2009. Graham Edwards made the first move when the opportunity for the merger came to pass. Trillium’s Chief Executive Officer, Ian Ellis, had expressed interest in Trillium, only because Telereal had been a joint venture between Trillium and William Pears Group in 2001. Edwards and Ellis had worked together at Telereal for five years. At the time this property was acquired, the two companies had headquarters in the same building, on different floors of 140 London Wall in London. Edwards didn’t take over Trillium without relying on his expansive prior experience.

A deal brought Trillium and Telereal together and the company got to work on an action plan to finalize the firm’s newly-joined assets and influence. A priority for Trillium and Telereal focused on long-term relationships with clients such as managing each client’s portfolio. Another priority was to work on facilities management contracts as well as property strategy. Telereal had an ongoing relationship with the Birmingham City Council. The third priority for this new company was to look into capital transactions, which existed on a large scale with their knowledge about past actions of the two separate companies. Telereal had a past transaction with Prupim in 2007 when they negotiated the purchase of £750 million of RBS’s property using a sale and leaseback transaction with the thought of moving forward being mutual. Per the leadership of Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium looks towards the future as a major player.


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