Michael Burwell And Tax Proficiency

Willis Towers Watson is an international business that focuses on reinsurance, insurance and advisory matters of all kinds. It has just recruited Michael J. Burwell, too. People frequently call Burwell “Mike.” He’s the firm’s latest CFO or Chief Financial Officer. He’s following Roger Millay. Millay entered retirement at the beginning of October in 2017. Burwell is more than qualified to tackle this new leadership position as well. He’s been working in the professional services and finance fields for more than three decades. He has spent a lot of time working for PricewaterhouseCoopers. He’s held a range of executive leadership positions there. He was a Chief Financial Officer in the United States, first and foremost. He was a Chief Operating Officer. He was even at the helm of Global Transformation for the company for some time. Burwell was at the helm of the United States’ Transaction Specialties.


Burwell has an auditing background that spans more than 10 years. He has a transaction services advisory background that spans more than 10 years as well. He knows how to manage valuation and due diligence subjects for pre-mergers. Burwell stated that he’s pleased to now be with the Willis Towers Watson crew. He has positive things to say about the firm’s client devotion. He has equally positive things to say about its approach to taking care of things overall. Refer to This Article for related information.


Burwell is located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region for the time being. He has been there since the autumn of 2017. That’s exactly when he took over as Willis Towers Watson‘s illustrious Chief Financial Officer. Although he lives in Philadelphia right now, he in the past resided relatively far away in Detroit, Michigan. This prominent executive is an alumnus of Michigan State University in East Lansing. This public school has been in operations since back in 1855.


This capable Chief Financial Officer has many abilities that help him attain success on the job on a daily basis. He takes complete advantage of these talents he offers as well. He has a strong financial reporting background that comes to his aid regularly. Burwell has detailed insight that pertains to all topics that are part of M&As (mergers and acquisitions). Other subjects he comprehends in vivid detail are CPA (certified public accountant) matters), general finance, financial assessments, taxes, auditing, internal controls and accounting. Burwell is a man who has rock-solid portfolio management proficiency under his belt.


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