Bernardo Chua taking Organo Gold to Greater Heights by Introducing Ganoderma

Consumers of Organo Gold’s products such as supplements, teas, and coffees can attest to the world-class quality that the company offers. The company was established in the year 2008 by Bernardo Chua. The intent of building this Canadian based business was to establish itself as a reputable independent distributor of world-class premium coffees. Having been established in 2008, it is astonishing how the company has quickly taken over the coffee industry globally. However, Bernardo Chua’s efforts have been worthwhile in shaping the company to reach world-class standards.

The success of this entrepreneur can be realized by assessing the performance of Gano Excel and Organo Gold which is currently performing incredibly globally. One of his outstanding achievements is the introducing of Ganoderma into the North American market. The attribute of introducing such a unique product to this industry is attributed to this entrepreneurship skills and his Chinese culture and heritage. He became aware of this product when he was very young. He has become the first entrepreneur first to market Ganoderma outside Asian countries and China.

One of the attributes of Bernardo Chua success has been working with direct clients. When establishing his business, he saw the need of making direct sales. He saw this as the best way of quickly growing the business. Surprisingly, the tactic worked into making the company renown in the Philippines and later attracting consumers globally. One of his staunch beliefs is that direct sales are the ultimate way of reaching maximum profits in entrepreneurship.

The career and business achievements of Berbardo have made him one of the most influential and recognized business person in the Pacific Rim. His achievements have been recognized by the numerous awards he has received. In 2014, he was awarded the National Consumers Quality Award. Although Organo Gold is now an establishing company, Bernardo Chuahas opted not to take a rest but to work relentlessly towards making the business better. His efforts in working with the best ganordema producers allow his company to produce quality products. To ensure more progress is achieved within this industry, he generously funds different researches concerning Ganoderma. With his input, more discoveries are expected.

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Paul Mampilly Talks About the Reason Why Cryptocurrencies are Not the Best Investments

Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of popularity ever since the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed in the past months. There has been news that people were selling their assets to purchase Bitcoin stocks because they believe that the price will further increase and they would stand to gain a lot of money just like many other investors. Paul Mampilly, the editor of Banyan Hill Publishing, share some insight into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments. According to him, Bitcoin is a big bubble, and when it bursts, people will lose all of their money. He advises people to be cautious when investing in Bitcoin so that they do not lose their hard earned money. There is no doubt that Bitcoin has a lot of potentials to become a mainstream currency, but there are many problems that the industry is facing at the moment. Till those problems are resolved, the cryptocurrency market will find it difficult to stay profitable for long. Visit at to learn more.

Paul Mampilly has been getting a lot of questions not just from his readers but his family and friends as well about cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin. He has openly told them that Bitcoin is a bubble and it will burst any time soon. There was a time when he had Bitcoin stocks, but he sold them since he came to know after research that it will lose money. Even though the price of Bitcoin increase in the third quarter of 2017, it has since then declined. Experts feel that the price of Bitcoin will increase to a great extent by 2020. But, Paul Mampilly is of the opinion that these are just strategies to lure people into investing in Bitcoin. Once the price of Bitcoin increases, most of these investors will sell them and it is the common people who will suffer the most.

Paul Mampilly is an expert investor who has worked in the industries for many years. After graduating from Montclair State University in Business Administration and then earning his MBA degree from Fordham Graduate School of Business, he has always wanted to enter the financial world. His first job was with the Bankers Trust and then shifted to many other financial companies such as ING and Deutsche Bank. But, the fast-paced industry was too much for him, and he wished to retire early. Paul Mampilly had already invested a lot of money in profitable schemes and retired early only to join Banyan Hill Publishing as its financial editor. Watch:




Investing in Natural Resources Using Freedom Checks With Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an expert in natural resources and earth sciences. This can be said of his since he earned his Bachelors of Science in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and earned his Masters of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University. Follow Matt on Twitter.

To Matt Badiali it looks like we have a bowl market coming in for gold miners. The best way according to Matt Badiali is to play an uptrend in the gold price and gold miners leverage really works so of gold price goes up 20 to 30% gold miners can go up 100 to 150% so he is a fan of gold stocks right now. Matt Badiali addressed that very thing you have to understand that natural resources move in cycles so they go up and they go down and if you don’t know where you are in the cycle you can lose a lot of money. If I do know where you are in the cycle either going up or going down you stand to make a lot of money, even when the trend is down you can still make a lot of money in natural resources so understanding the cycles understanding supply and demand. Understanding where you are should inform all of ones sources of investments and if you can do that you’ll stand to make a lot of money. Matt would say no to oil investing right now, he would want oil to go up but the trend is still against us. Some companies lost 99% of their value right now so Matt says to keep a close eye on it because it may turn soon. But it hasn’t turned yet so investing in it right now not a good move.

To make these mega moves stated about Matt suggests using Freedom Checks to invest in Master Limited Partnership or MLP or in a royalty trust and both these companies use a tax loophole to pass on most of their revenue to investors. The system is great for investors, but the problem is there are lots and lots of these companies and some are better than others. What Matt and his team do is strive to help you figure out the best companies for you to be safe from an income standpoint. The great thing is these Freedom Checks trade just like stocks so whatever platform you using should be fine to purchase them. Right now those who signed up for my letter called Real Wealth Strategist are now investing Matt Badiali thinks anyone can get started on this movement and make some money.



José Auriemo Neto’s leadership in JHSF

Neto was trained in an engineering institution at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado as well a business administration institution at FASE. He owned his current position in the firm in 2003. He joined the organization in the year 1993 and funded the company’s services department by making the parking lot management company Parkbem in the year 1997. Auriemo Neto began a shopping centre department in 1998. To start the shopping centre, he obtained the rights of developing Shopping Santa Cruz.

He was now responsible for implementing as well as managing the firm. Mr Neto worked as Executive Officer of YPO for two terms and among members since 1999. He even worked for several organizations before joining of JHSF Participações S.A. Also he serves as a member of the board of management of executive officers since March 2009. He administers the company’s shopping and retail business.

Fábio and José Roberto Auriemo started the company and focused on the construction as well as real estate development. JHSF Participações specializes in developing both commercial and residential properties in the nation. It is the first company in Brazil to offer real estate development. It operates in the Brazilian market and other countries including US and Uruguay. It developed over 6 million meters squared of the real estate projects. JHSF Participações expanded and had shopping centre segments. The first mall to have a subway station was developed by JHSF Participações in the year 2001 in the nation. JHSF Participações also became among the significant shareholders of Fasano Group’s hotels on developing the mall. Organization’s first venture to retail and signing partnership agreements which helped the firm to transact with other companies was overseen by in 2009.

Signing partnership agreements opened organization more markets in the nation. He designs the interests of the organization in office constructions, restaurants and public development as well as organizing groups shopping and retail portfolio.

Flavio Maluf: How Tax Incentives Will Benefit Companies

Operating a business in Brazil is a tough task for many entrepreneurs. They are complaining about the high taxes demanded by the government, and for international companies, they tend to move their businesses away from Brazil, choosing a more suitable location where they can operate without the need to pay excessive tax rates. Flavio Maluf, a successful Brazilian entrepreneur, shares his opinion about the high tax rates in the country. He is the current president of the Eucatex Group, known for their hardware, construction, and wooden products. View to learn more

Flavio Maluf appealed to the Brazilian government to relax their tax rates and consider the condition of the business people operating in the country. He stated that if the government did not do anything about the country’s high tax rates, their neighboring countries would benefit from the multinational companies leaving the country. It would result in an economic crisis in the country, leaving millions of people without a job. For Flavio Maluf, the issue should be addressed as early as today, and the government should create plans that would transform the country into a significant place to invest in.

Lowering down tax rates would be ideal especially for foreign investors. However, the Brazilian government would not want to trim their taxes down, because it would significantly affect the public funds. Flavio Maluf suggested that if the government did not want to cut their tax rates down, they would have to provide incentives to companies operating in the country. What he is lobbying for would be the funding of other government projects through the assistance provided by the private businesses.

This would give the companies a chance to have their reputation boosted, and at the same time, they will be able to help the government with their goal of achieving a highly desirable society. However, the government of Brazil stated that helping them with their projects would not provide businesses with an assurance that they would no longer be required to pay their taxes. Flavio Maluf, on the other hand, stated that the government should think about their decision because they could lose their investors if no incentives are given.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Contributions to the Expansion of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is now the Chairman and President of OSI Group despite starting his career from collar jobs. The company has been excelling in its performance for over 100 years and have even expanded by opening numerous branches worldwide. Their primary focus is on sustainability, manufacturing ethics that will promote environmental conservation and even food safety. The evolution of the company over time has made them secure various platforms in the market.

During the foundation of the firm, Sheldon Lavin partnered with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons as hamburger suppliers to McDonald’s. All this were under Otto & Sons Company. The small firm transformed into OSI Group in 1975 due to the constant input of efforts. By b1980, OSI Group has become a global affair with headquarters in numerous countries such as Brazil, Austria, Mexico, United States, Spain, Taiwan, China, Canada, Germany, Philippines, Poland and many other places.

Later on, the firm began to venture into poultry dealings coupled with branch expansions for the acquisition of market for their products within the United States of America. The firm also grew firmer in their beef distributions to various consumers in Australia and Japan. As an ambitious businessman, Sheldon Lavin agreed to a joint business operation with Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom. With this, he could sell more beef products all across Europe through Pickstock which equally benefited. In Canada, Select Ready Foods assisted OSI Group to supply more meat products unlike when selling to just a few clients. The famous Germany-based EDEKA, on the other hand, facilitated the increase in quality of meat products produced by OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin did not stop at that. Instead, he kept going after lucrative opportunities. He purchased a Chicago-based manufacturing industry which served as a store for most of OSI Group’s produce. It was in 2015 that the company enjoyed much convenience due to their new warehouse. Other achievements include associations with Baho Food which enabled the company to produce varieties of their meat products to all communities in Germany and Netherlands. ISO Group had now expanded their continental markets even for their other snacks.

The growth of OSI Group cuts across 17 countries all over the world. Due to their massive expansions, the company have over 20,000 staff members who serve in various sectors. Additionally, Sheldon Lavin is also a passionate philanthropist. In his charitable works, he gives back to college students through grants, sick children, people suffering from chronic illnesses and even numerous Jewish organisations.

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Bernardo Chua Brings His Network Marketing Skills To The Coffee Industry

This world loves coffee.

From the Asian continent to the North American continent, people everywhere are drinking coffee for many reasons.

Whether people are drinking coffee to improve their long-term health, for a bit of caffeinated stimulation, or simply because they like the tastes of their favorite coffees, there is no doubt that the coffee industry is a huge niche and that there is a large market for it.

Everyone wants to get into the coffee business. Whether companies are lesser known and are trying to compete with big name brands such as Folgers or Maxwell House, companies everywhere see dollar signs when they hear the word “coffee.”

Even small business owners see the potential in coffee. There are more and more coffee shops opening up all over the world.

The three main cities in the United States that are known for offering amazing coffee are San Francisco, California; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington.

Each of these cities have their own culture when it comes to coffee, but even if you reside in a small town, chances are that you have a coffee shop or two that offers premium coffees.

No, we aren’t talking about Starbucks, the coffee giant of the world when it comes to a chain of coffee giants; we are simply saying that your town probably has a local shop that offers eager coffee drinkers a hot beverage any time of the day.

Whether a coffee shop grounds its own coffee beans or uses instant granules, coffee is sure to fulfill and satisfy any yearning taste bud.

Even the network marketing industry is seeing the potential in selling coffee.

Bernardo Chua is the Founder and CEO of Organo Gold. Now simply called ORGANO, this network marketing company specializes in all types of beverages – from teas and coffees to drinks that are more geared towards weight loss.

Network marketers are some of the most professional businessmen in the world, and when they see a niche and notice that there is a gap in that market that can be filled, they work towards filling it.

Through his company, ORGANO, Bernardo Chua has been offering healthy, gourmet coffees for years. The main ingredient in these coffees is an ancient Asian herb called Ganoderma.

Although Ganoderma is becoming more and more known, Bernardo Chua was among the very first outside of the Asian continent to incorporate this herb into drinks.



Kevin Seawright Combines Efforts to make Positive Change in the Baltimore Area

When RPS Solutions LOC combined efforts with the national community stabilization trust they were able to take their synonymous and ambition and double their efforts in helping the communities in the Baltimore area. Both organizations have a passion with connecting people with the homes of their dreams those who typically would not be able to afford or know how to go through the process accurately of purchasing their first home. Read more at Markets Insider.

Often times even the method of purchasing a home is not what gives people hiccups, but often times people don’t have the finances or the means to find a home that is affordable for them. Kevin Seawright leads RPS Solutions LLC and their task to find both the homes and individuals. Most recently Kevin Seawright was able to help Ms. Anita Blue and finding the town house of her dream. This townhouse was in the Baltimore area and had many attractive features for Ms. Anita Blue that she was sold on the idea. The home had a total of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 1400 ft². Outside the home is 4000 total lot space and Ms. Anita said over allall the space would truly accommodate her family very well. Some features that Ms. Anita Blue really enjoyed or her new granite countertops and hardwood floors. Installed also in the home was a new set of windows throughout the house and an updated fireplace. This is just one of many examples of the 23,000 homes at the NCST has been able to provide matches for qualified buyers.

It is truly a daunting task the home search process the process of evaluating whether you’re qualified or not and also in emotional strain on individuals. The type of people that will especially have a hard time with this process are the elderly and those who are disabled. However, Kevin Seawright with RPS Solutions LLC makes these the type of individuals that he looks out for because he knows the process would be possibly more difficult for them or more frustrating. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

NCST knows how to take vacant homes and abandoned homes and remodel them in such a way that they are immaculate and capable of being the home that anyone would love to stay in. NCST decided to partner with RPS s

Solutions LLC because they believed that their finance, business, and management skills could take them to even greater heights especially through the leadership of Kevin of RPS Solutions LLC



Milan Kordestani’s expertise in equestrian and farming

Milan Kordestani was born in California, and he attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school at his young age. In 2009 his parents divorced; therefore, he along with his family relocated to London. Kordestani continued his education at the Eaton Square School. In 2010 they relocated again to the Bay area where he enrolled at the Sacred Heart Preparatory. He finished his high school education in 2017.

Kordestani stated equestrian when he was ten years old. When interviewed by The National Horseman he said his memories when he first rode a horse at the most substantial moment. Also, he indicated his expertise in equestrian was as a result of hard work and dedication. After they moved to Atherton, Kordestani enrolled for horse riding lessons where he rapidly progressed to world champion levels. He ranked position at the Worlds Championship Horse Show and won Triple Crown of the first and third leg in 2015. Milan became the runner-up at the Worlds Championship show in 2016.

Besides equestrian expertise, Milan kordestani is also a farmer. In 2015, he founded Milan Farms and currently he is its chief executive officer. His farms raise poultry and organically grow 100% natural saffron. Now, his firms provide mint, saffron and organic eggs. Milan Farms aims at creating honest and compassionate alternatives to the consumer. In his farms, he uses organic tactics to raise animals. Milan uses transparency to enable their customers to know what ingredients make a product. Clarity is the philosophy in which Milan Farms operates. Additionally, Kordestani is the first farmer producing saffron naturally.

Since its inception, Milan Farms have expanded significantly. Today, the farms have three farms which distribute saffron worldwide and eggs across the west coast for instance in Colorado. Moreover, Milan farms use tradition as well as innovative techniques in the production of saffron. Recently, Milan Kordestani is researching hydroponic systems when growing saffron. He discovered that saffron does well in all fluctuating salinity levels.


David McDonald And The OSI Group Are Expanding Due To A Merger With Turi Foods

Turosi Pty Ltd. has recently been formed due to the merger of Turi Foods and OSI International. This is a fifty percent merger on both sides. Turi Foods has a lot of expertise and experience in farming and processing Australian poultry. This is being combined with the reach and scale of the OSI Group. This means Turosi will have the capability to provide the marketplace with a full range of food solutions. David McDonald has been a large part of the success of the OSI Group.

The OSI Group and Turi Foods will continue the operations of plants located in Victoria, Geelong and Thomastown. The manufacturing of the processed products at Blacktown in New South Wales, Eagle Farm in Queensland and Broadmeadows in Victoria is expected to continue. Several farming operations located in Victoria will also continue production. The OSI Group has been concentrating on an international expansion. This is partially due to the vision of David McDonald as well as his experience in the industry. The merger with Turi Foods is part of this expansion.

Turi Foods is a family owned business in addition to being one of Australia’s largest processors of poultry. The company supplies roast chicken outlets, quick service restaurants, butcher shops, specialty chicken retailers and major supermarkets. The OSI Group is a privately owned company. David McDonald makes numerous decisions regarding their wide variety of proteins supplied to major retail outlets, foodservice markets and quick service restaurants all over the Asia-Pacific region.

All stages of the merger transaction for Turi Foods were acted on by Grant Thornton. His due diligence was necessary for the complex tax structures of the deal, the post deal integration and a completion of the accounting. The determination for a shared ownership was decided on by both the OSI Group and Turi Foods. Both companies believe their similar culture will enable them to share their individual expertise. The result is expected to be a food solution group that is world class. The Chairman of Turi Foods is Sam Cuteri. He announced he was anticipating bringing the dedicated teams of Turi Foods and the OSI Group together.

Both Turi Foods and the OSI Group have built strong businesses with good reputations for their customers. David McDonald believes the merger between the two companies represents a tremendous potential. He feels their customers can be served in innovative and new ways. This will additionally provide opportunities for the two teams to achieve excellence together.

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