How Jed McCaleb Is Shaking Things Up With Stellar

Stellar CTO Jed McCaleb, in an interview with CNBC in March, predicts that blockchain technology will change the way international business is conducted. The co-founder of Stellar, Jed McCaleb is in charge of the technical development of the platform and has big plans for the future. No stranger to innovation, Jed McCaleb created eDonkey in 2011 and was also an early pioneer of the first BitCoin exchange, Mt. Gox. His latest endeavor, Stellar, is one such blockchain technology. Relying on digital tokens, Jed McCaleb observes “it seems pretty clear to me, in the future, there will be an operable universal payments network”, one he predicts that will even allow people to use legal tender, such as dollars and euros, rather than cryptocurrencies through the blockchain.

Founded in 2014, According to McCaleb, he hopes that Stellar will fill the role as a universal payment system by 2028, envisioning a future wherein assets such as stocks and bonds are traded on the Stellar blockchain. A long time crypto developer and innovator in technology, McCaleb insists that Stellar’s technology will fundamentally change the way international payments and fundraising is handled by 2028.

Given his strong resume and reputation in crypto currency, Jed McCaleb is a cryptocurrency pioneer and is not someone to ignore. The developer of eDonkey, founder of the Mt.Gox BitCoin exchange, and CTO and co-founder of Stellar McCaleb has a wide berth of skills and knowledge within the world of digital currency. His assertions about the future of international financial systems are bolstered by the popularity of Initial Coin Offerings, which Autonomous Next’s research shows have drawn in nearly $9 billion in just over four years.

The Stellar token, the Stellar Lumens (XLM), has been on an upward trend only recently seeing a downturn. To help combat this, Stellar has adopted the lightning network to help lead the way in future press coverage and neutralize future drawbacks. With a solid technology base, Jed McCaleb looks to lead the way on the creation of a universal digital currency exchange.

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