Kevin Seawright Combines Efforts to make Positive Change in the Baltimore Area

When RPS Solutions LOC combined efforts with the national community stabilization trust they were able to take their synonymous and ambition and double their efforts in helping the communities in the Baltimore area. Both organizations have a passion with connecting people with the homes of their dreams those who typically would not be able to afford or know how to go through the process accurately of purchasing their first home. Read more at Markets Insider.

Often times even the method of purchasing a home is not what gives people hiccups, but often times people don’t have the finances or the means to find a home that is affordable for them. Kevin Seawright leads RPS Solutions LLC and their task to find both the homes and individuals. Most recently Kevin Seawright was able to help Ms. Anita Blue and finding the town house of her dream. This townhouse was in the Baltimore area and had many attractive features for Ms. Anita Blue that she was sold on the idea. The home had a total of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 1400 ft². Outside the home is 4000 total lot space and Ms. Anita said over allall the space would truly accommodate her family very well. Some features that Ms. Anita Blue really enjoyed or her new granite countertops and hardwood floors. Installed also in the home was a new set of windows throughout the house and an updated fireplace. This is just one of many examples of the 23,000 homes at the NCST has been able to provide matches for qualified buyers.

It is truly a daunting task the home search process the process of evaluating whether you’re qualified or not and also in emotional strain on individuals. The type of people that will especially have a hard time with this process are the elderly and those who are disabled. However, Kevin Seawright with RPS Solutions LLC makes these the type of individuals that he looks out for because he knows the process would be possibly more difficult for them or more frustrating. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

NCST knows how to take vacant homes and abandoned homes and remodel them in such a way that they are immaculate and capable of being the home that anyone would love to stay in. NCST decided to partner with RPS s

Solutions LLC because they believed that their finance, business, and management skills could take them to even greater heights especially through the leadership of Kevin of RPS Solutions LLC



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