Milan Kordestani’s expertise in equestrian and farming

Milan Kordestani was born in California, and he attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school at his young age. In 2009 his parents divorced; therefore, he along with his family relocated to London. Kordestani continued his education at the Eaton Square School. In 2010 they relocated again to the Bay area where he enrolled at the Sacred Heart Preparatory. He finished his high school education in 2017.

Kordestani stated equestrian when he was ten years old. When interviewed by The National Horseman he said his memories when he first rode a horse at the most substantial moment. Also, he indicated his expertise in equestrian was as a result of hard work and dedication. After they moved to Atherton, Kordestani enrolled for horse riding lessons where he rapidly progressed to world champion levels. He ranked position at the Worlds Championship Horse Show and won Triple Crown of the first and third leg in 2015. Milan became the runner-up at the Worlds Championship show in 2016.

Besides equestrian expertise, Milan kordestani is also a farmer. In 2015, he founded Milan Farms and currently he is its chief executive officer. His farms raise poultry and organically grow 100% natural saffron. Now, his firms provide mint, saffron and organic eggs. Milan Farms aims at creating honest and compassionate alternatives to the consumer. In his farms, he uses organic tactics to raise animals. Milan uses transparency to enable their customers to know what ingredients make a product. Clarity is the philosophy in which Milan Farms operates. Additionally, Kordestani is the first farmer producing saffron naturally.

Since its inception, Milan Farms have expanded significantly. Today, the farms have three farms which distribute saffron worldwide and eggs across the west coast for instance in Colorado. Moreover, Milan farms use tradition as well as innovative techniques in the production of saffron. Recently, Milan Kordestani is researching hydroponic systems when growing saffron. He discovered that saffron does well in all fluctuating salinity levels.


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