Gregory Aziz at National Steel Car

The National Steel Car is one of the biggest engineering and manufacturing companies in North America. CEO Gregory Aziz currently leads the company. National Steel Car has utilized engineering expertise in order to remain one of the most relevant engineering companies in the world. The leadership of the company recognizes that there is an important role that is played by using the latest technology when it comes to matters of engineering. Engineering is also dynamic and requires people who are in such business to be technically updated. Technology and engineering go hand in hand and therefore any time there is a change in technology, most likely it will affect the engineering side. National Steel car is today doing very in matters production because the system being run in the firm are on the latest technology.


Another factor that has contributed to the growth of the National Steel Car 1is good customer service. The current leadership has emphasized on customer retention as one of its goals. There are many ways of maintaining customers, but there is one that beats all others. High-quality products is the most outstanding factor in any production process. Customers will stick around for many years if they know your business has the best products in the market. This is exactly what has happened to the National Steel Car. It is doing very well on matters development because one of its goals is to give the customers the best quality rail products.


The management of the company has been another strong point for the company. James Aziz has steered the company in such a way that it has resuscitated its business operations after he took over the management in 1994 at a time it was on the verge of collapsing. He proved his managerial skills by getting it back in full operations in just five years. The company was previously owned and operated by Dofasco.


Gregory Aziz bought National Steel Car because he knew that it had great potential only that the management had failed to recognize the opportunities that were in the industry. As an economist, he took over the management and started rebuilding it focusing on vital areas which would lead to faster growth. One of the areas which Greg J. Aziz identified as demanding was production. He brought in a team of engineers who worked on the production line. In 5 years, production had grown from 3,500 annually to 12,000 railroad freight cars. See Related Link to learn more.


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