Bernardo Chua taking Organo Gold to Greater Heights by Introducing Ganoderma

Consumers of Organo Gold’s products such as supplements, teas, and coffees can attest to the world-class quality that the company offers. The company was established in the year 2008 by Bernardo Chua. The intent of building this Canadian based business was to establish itself as a reputable independent distributor of world-class premium coffees. Having been established in 2008, it is astonishing how the company has quickly taken over the coffee industry globally. However, Bernardo Chua’s efforts have been worthwhile in shaping the company to reach world-class standards.

The success of this entrepreneur can be realized by assessing the performance of Gano Excel and Organo Gold which is currently performing incredibly globally. One of his outstanding achievements is the introducing of Ganoderma into the North American market. The attribute of introducing such a unique product to this industry is attributed to this entrepreneurship skills and his Chinese culture and heritage. He became aware of this product when he was very young. He has become the first entrepreneur first to market Ganoderma outside Asian countries and China.

One of the attributes of Bernardo Chua success has been working with direct clients. When establishing his business, he saw the need of making direct sales. He saw this as the best way of quickly growing the business. Surprisingly, the tactic worked into making the company renown in the Philippines and later attracting consumers globally. One of his staunch beliefs is that direct sales are the ultimate way of reaching maximum profits in entrepreneurship.

The career and business achievements of Berbardo have made him one of the most influential and recognized business person in the Pacific Rim. His achievements have been recognized by the numerous awards he has received. In 2014, he was awarded the National Consumers Quality Award. Although Organo Gold is now an establishing company, Bernardo Chuahas opted not to take a rest but to work relentlessly towards making the business better. His efforts in working with the best ganordema producers allow his company to produce quality products. To ensure more progress is achieved within this industry, he generously funds different researches concerning Ganoderma. With his input, more discoveries are expected.

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