NGP VAN Software Changing the Political Scene

NGP VAN is a leading company that provides services in web hosting and voter database for political candidates. When President Obama was vying for President in 2007, he used NGP VAN tools and it proved successful. The company offers sophisticated tools that engage voters, and encourage them to vote. Technology is taking over the world and anyone who wants to succeed cannot overlook the impact that technology has. When Obama declared that he was running for office, he knew that he needed to create a unique platform where he could interact with voters.


NGP VAN created Pollwatcher which helped him to keep track of what was happening on the ground. After a successful campaign process, President Obama was seeking a re-election and what better services to use than the ones which made him successful the first time. It was a sure win and this has given NGP VAN a good name in the political scene. Its campaign tools are among the first technological tools to be used by politicians. The idea of using technology for voter engagement was new at the time and was a learning curve for the young company. The success of President Obama was also a win for them because it got their name out there.


NGP VAN provides tools that give data about voters, issues affecting and what they want. Having this information is useful because it helps you to come up with clear strategies for solving them. Knowing what voters wanted and their plights helped Obama to come up with solutions that made sense to voters. At the end of the campaign trail, NGP VAN was praised by many for the good work in providing voter’s database to the Democratic Party. It is also credited for coming up with unique tools for speeding up the campaign process. Voters were contacted and they gave their views on what they wanted to be done differently.


NGP VAN tools are unique because they focus on the engagement between political candidates and voters, instead of simply giving the manifesto. They have mobile apps to track interaction and sum up different views of voters. Moreover, NGP VAN software wants to reach LGBTQ voters and discuss issues affecting them. It is poised to change how political campaigns are done in America.

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