Sujit Choundhry’s Efforts in Politics and Education

Sujit Choundhry, an expert in constitutional law, was educated on this topic at Harvard and Oxford. He also attended McGill University and the University of Toronto. He currently works at the Center for Constitutional Transitions, but he previously worked as an educator at Berkeley, check (

Currently, Sujit Choundhry is an amicus curiae in regards to international abortion law. Along with his peers, Sujit Choundhry works on behalf of the Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood. Sujit Choudhry represents them on a global scale, but specifically he is working to change Texas state law, which currently has a ban on dilation and evacuation.

Sujit Choundhry’s primary job consists of working with countries to help with with a democratic transition. He has two decades of experience and often works as an adviser to rising democratic nations, making sure they make the right decisions when building their democratic constitution. Currently, Sujit Chondhry is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster; he also works as a consultant at the World Bank Institute, find more (

Sujit Choundhry is also a writer and an educator, refusing to limit the sharing of his knowledge to purely world leaders. In total, Sujit Choundhry has penned at least 90 papers and reports. He also frequently contributes to books, often as editor and sometimes as a contributor, for example, in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? Choundhry was given an entire chapter to discuss American politics, according to In particular, Sujit Choundhry discussed the former Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder. Choundhry talked about a tweet that Holder sent out in 2016 that talked about the special investigation that is currently investigating Donald Trump’s campaign, learn more


Michael Hagele Guide On Mountain Biking For Beginners

 Michael Hagele is an outside counsel for some companies in the technology industry. Michael has also founded and invested in companies in the hospitality and restaurant industry as well as investing in technology industries when they are in their early stages. Michael Hagele spends a lot of time negotiating and drafting development and licensing agreements in the telecommunication industry. He also has broad experience in intellectual property sales and purchases and analyzing their rights. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase.

Initially, Michael Hagele worked as an in-house counsel for some venture capital companies. Michael got his degree in law from the University of California and his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa. Throughout his career, Michael takes a break during the day to engage in mountain or road biking. This exercise re-sharpens and recharges his mind alongside the other benefits of exercising. While mountain biking, Michael develops new ideas on how to tackle his job.

Michal Hagele is very experienced in mountain biking and advises new beginners on how to go about the sport. Beginners require the right equipment and positive mental and physical attitude. He encourages beginners to attend a mountain bike skills camp where there are excellent programs and like-minded people who have already been initiated. These people will give the beginner a forecast of what to expect on the live trail.

Alternatively, beginners can make use of mountain bike training tracks that can be found in major metro areas. The tracks give the beginners a chance to interact with experienced riders while learning how to change gears steer around obstacles. Off-road biking trails can be smooth or roll into hills with running streams and steep inclines. Beginners should also get high-quality mountain bikes before getting on track. The bikes should have wide tires and a sturdy and thick frame.

Beginners should invest in a well-fitting helmet and a pair of flat athletic shoes and wear lightweight, comfortable shoes. Riders should also be physically fit by hitting the gym or training in another sport before taking on mountain biking. As a beginner progresses, they eventually become aggressive high-speed experts after putting on hours of practice.



An Overview of Flavio Maluf, The Eucatex CEO

Flavio Maluf was born into a rich political family. At this time, his father owned various businesses in Brazil. He joined Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Entrepreneurship was inevitable for him and he, therefore, decided to study business. In 1997, he took over the leadership of his family’s business. Later he became the CEO of Grandfood a position he still holds.

Apart from having a successful business career, Flavio Maluf provides advice to people seeking to venture into the business world. Most budding entrepreneurs think that starting a business provide comfort and easy cash. However, according to Flavio, a lot of time and dedication is required to build a business into a success. Another common misconception that Flavio address is money. Most people believe that they need a lot of money to start a business. On the contrary, there are various business models that do not require a lot of capital to start. In fact, currently, many investors are looking for viable ideas to invest. For more updates, follow Maluf on twitter.

While running his own business, he noted that tax is a burden to many companies in Brazil. Flavio Maluf indicates that the proposed tax incentives will be the solution to this problem. The laws are aimed at giving companies the chance to invest part of their taxes in social initiatives. The tax money that would have gone entirely to the government is used to promote economic and social development in the society. The main idea of the tax incentives is not to scrap tax entirely but rather using taxes in a more strategic way. With this approach, companies will connect better with consumers and avoid wasting resources in advertising.

A Regional tax incentive is a similar tax relief meant to benefit companies in certain regions. Manaus Free Zone, founded in 1957 is a perfect example of such an incentive. It was established to foster development in the Western Amazon region. On the other hand, some tax incentives are given to specific companies in relation to the area of operation. The main aim is to also encourage the growth of a certain economic activity or industry. It is important to note that companies should be taxed according to actual profits in order to participate in the tax incentives.

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Whitney Wolfe Offers Something for the Involuntarily Retired

While a lot of people are talking about the problem of being involuntarily celibate, there are people who are involuntarily retired. That is they are unable to get work. A lot of them are actually women. Then if they are able to get work, they have to put up with different types of discrimination. Whitney Wolfe as a feminist has looked into the different issues that women are faced with and she is unhappy with the way things are. Therefore, she has not only started her business so that she can support women, but she has also set up some extensions for women to be able to take care of other aspects of their lives.

Cannes I move in? Coming for you @joannacoles 💛 #canneslions #Bumble

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One very important extension to the Bumble app that Whitney Wolfe has developed is Bumble Bizz. One of the reasons that this is so important is that there are still a lot of men and women that are having a hard time finding work. Bumble Bizz has been set up for women to network together and find some kind of opportunity to move forward. One of the best things about Bizz is that women can easily find an opportunity where they can work and make tons of money without having to deal with harassment and other forms of abuse.

Whitney Wolfe has provided women who have found themselves unable to get work an opportunity to be able to support themselves. The best things about this is that a lot of these opportunities are not just dead-end jobs. They actually have some kind of opportunity for growth. Whitney Wolfe wants women to rise up and build something for themselves so that they can be truly independent. Among the things she likes to see is other women starting and maintaining a successful business so that they can be free of degrading incidents.

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Jeff Yastine: An Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the best places to find all sorts of financial services and research information. They have some of the most experienced and respected editors working to give regular investors the support they need to make profitable investments.

Many of Banyan Hill’s top editors and contributors joined the company a few years ago. One of those contributors is Jeff Yastine. Jeff joined the company in 2015 and took the lead as Editor of Total Wealth Insider. He also contributes to two other services offered by Banyan Hill, Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

What sets Jeff Yastine apart from the other contributors is his viewpoint on financial events. Most of the other contributors were hedge fund managers and high-profile investors. Jeff Yastine used to be a financial journalist, so he had a front-row seat to many of the world’s most memorable economic events.

He worked at PBS Nightly Business Report for nearly 20 years, from 1994 to 2010. He spent those 20 years seeking out and interviewing the most successful financiers and entrepreneurs of those years. He also gained notoriety as an anchor, reporting on a wide range of investment stories.

At the height of his journalistic career, he was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2007. The nomination came after he started reporting on stories that involved things like America’s inadequate infrastructure system, which is supposed to be responsible for roads, bridges, and dams; that was when he was working with NBR Guide to Buying Bonds.

While working with Banyan Hill, many people have started paying more attention to Jeff Yastine. In a recent article he posted, he talked about how the undervalued stocks he’d noticed are starting to pay off. The one thing that all investors look to do is make as much money as they can as quickly as they can.

People like Yastine recommend picking more reliable stocks to ensure regular payouts. To find those kinds of stocks, Yastine mentioned some of them earlier this year in May.



Paul Mampilly Talks about What Inspires Him

Paul Mampilly is a former Wall Street employee who grew tired of making money for rich people. He’s a true American icon because he wanted to help Americans make money. Most of Wall Street is all about making itself money, so it’s rare to find someone who wants to help Main Street Americans. For more information go to

Paul Mampilly was born in India, which may explain his desire to help common people. He moved to the United States as a young man, knowing he wanted to work on Wall Street. His father was an investor who got in on Dubai before its massive growth.

He learned from his father that sometimes he has to take a chance to find success. Everyone told his father not to go to Dubai, but his father ignored them and found tremendous success. When Paul Mampilly got to America, he joined Wall Street and attacked the markets.

He showed no fear in taking risks and doing things others wouldn’t. Even during the 2008 and 2009 economic crisis, he took a $50 million investment and grew it into an $88 million result. When Kinetics Asset Management recruited him, the company only managed $6 billion in assets.

By the time Paul Mampilly left the company, Kinetics Asset had more than $25 billion in assets, earning itself the title of “World Best.” While Mampilly led the company, they averaged 26 percent in annual returns every year. Even after all that success, Mampilly grew tired of the red tape and fast-paced world of Wall Street.

After leaving the world of finance, he found his way to Banyan Hill Publishing. Now, he serves as Editor of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum. Most of his subscribers subscribe to Profits Unlimited, which he uses to guide Main Street Americans to wealth through investments.

In one of his latest posts, he advises his subscribers to start looking to invest in Bitcoin. In his opinion, Bitcoin is quickly becoming the new Gold. He believes that Bitcoin will end gold’s millennia’s old reign.

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Jacob Gottlieb Is The Backbone To Visium’s Success

It takes quite a bit of skill to become a doctor, nevermind a successful doctor. It takes quite a bit more skill and effort to become a successful doctor and a successful investor all in the same life. Jacob Gottlieb is a man who has taken on both professions. Jacob started out focusing on medicine and joining the medical profession just like his mother Helen had done so successfully in the past as a pediatrician. Although he was doing well, Jacob also wanted to give business a try since he couldn’t stop giving his thought to it each day.

Jacob gave up his work in medicine and went back to school to earn his economics degree. It is worth noting he went to the prestigious Brown University in Providence to earn his degree. Since then, Jacob has held various executive positions for financial corporations around the country, including Sanford C. Bernstein. These days, Jacob is the co-founder of the company Visium Asset Management, which founded more than a decade ago. Jacob has been incredibly successful at Visium, for himself and for the company. He has personally brought in billions of dollars worth of assets towards the company in the past 10 years.

When asked, Jacob Gottlieb has compared both professions equally, stated that they both require the same amount of thought and work to be successful in. Luckily for Jacob, he doesn’t need to be a doctor to help take care of people, since he is able to do so every year through his contributions to non-profit organizations and foundations aimed at helping the community. Jacob is an avid supporter of the Robin Hood Foundation and has been actively fighting poverty throughout New York for many years.


Review For Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has accomplished many things in his lifetime and one of them is writing a new novel. The novel is one of a kind and is filled with several different things. In some of the book Sean speaks about his opinion on the former president and politicians. This book is about a man named Bob Honey. Bob seems like a complete sociopath to his neighbors. He is not very social and he traveled the world as a waste management expert and he also sells fireworks to distributors. But what makes Sean so unusual is the he is a secret agent on the side and he assassinates people.


Sean added a lot to this marvelous novel including random poetry, unusual dreams, and some awesome adventures of Bob Honey. Bob does not enjoy the things that most people enjoy. He hates social media and he also hates the typical nosey neighbors. He enjoys staying to himself and that is one of the reasons why the neighbors find him so odd.


Throughout the book you can clearly comprehend the opinion of Sean through his character Bob Honey. He makes several different references that have to do with politicians. Sean’s opinion on some of the tragedy’s in the world and also all of the world problems are displayed in the book. Some of his crude humor is almost to slight to tell, but it is also visible when you pay close attention.

This book is also exciting and roaring with several different adventures such as a helicopter crashing on top of a house, and then there is a “Yellow Lives Matter” which involves a group of blonde guys with blue eyes that are marching, and so much more throughout the book!


The book is both creative and will leave you curious and wanting more. It is full of excitement and you will not be bored with this one. Sean took a spin on things and created a genius novel about Bob Honey and his unusual life. It is absolutely entertaining and maddening.

End Citizens United challenges Rick Scott over financial violations

When Florida Governor Rick Scott announced his candidacy for a Florida Senate seat in April he was almost immediately confronted with an ethics violation charge by End Citizens United. Denying the allegations against him Scott must now contend with a growing mound of evidence.

Scott is challenging Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. End Citizens United says that Scott has been raising money for his own campaign through the group, a direct violation of the law. Political Action Committees (PACs) are allowed to raise as much money as they can and spend it with great discretion in support of any candidates or ballot measures they support. What they cannot do is coordinate with any politicial campaign and End Citizens United has some compelling evidence against Scott and the PAC New Republican.

End Citizens United, itself a PAC, supports an end to the 2010 Supreme Court decision on “Citizens United” which allowed unlimited financial donations to elections without having to disclose donations. This is done through PACs. ECU wants this decision overturned and supports politicians, mostly Democrats, and ballot measures that support that goal.

ECU has presented the Federal Elections Committee with evidence that the Scott campaign for Senate and the PAC New Republican are coordinating. The New Republican PAC was founded by Scott with the stated goal of supporting reshaping the GOP establishment to be more in line with Donald Trump. However, as soon as Scott announced his candidacy for the Senate the entire organization was re-structured to support Scott’s campaign.

More evidence has been presented to the FEC as well. Scott is believed to have received many of his donations through New Republican from investment firms that benefited from some of his policies. This would be a direct violation of SEC rules.

New Republican also uses the same person as Fundraiser as the Scott campaign does, Jenny Drucker. End Citizens United also points out that the Scott campaign and New Republican used the same mailing address. There was also a Scott campaign poll that was funded by New Republican, another coordination violation.

Scott himself has a history of fraud. As CEO of Colombia/HCA Scott resigned after presiding over an FBI investigation resulting in what has been called “the largest Medicare fraud in the nations history” by Polifact and the Tampa Bay Times. It was after this incident in the private sector that Scoot entered politics and became governor of Florida.

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William Saito Believes Failure Is The Start Of Innovation

Williams Saito’s Technology Background

William Saito was named one of the most influential people in Japan. He started programming software in elementary school and created his own company in high school. Ernst & Young, NASDAQ and USA Today named him Entrepreneur of the year in 1998. At the same time, he was already acknowledged as a world leader in encryption, biometric authentication, and cybersecurity. In 2005, he sold his business to Microsoft and moved to Tokyo, where he started InTecur. InTecur is a venture capital and consulting firm that seeks out innovative technologies, develops global talent and assist entrepreneurs in becoming successful. In 2012, Saito became a council member for national strategy and policy. He worked directly under the Prime Minister of Japan. Saito advises several governments globally. He also teaches at multiple universities, is on the board of several companies, and often appears as a commentator on TV. He has authored many publications and he has written weekly newspaper columns.

William Saito Interviewed with IdeaMensch

William Saito’s typical day includes working with people to find an elegant and innovative solution to their problem. He uses design thinking to bring ideas into reality. He believes in failing early, fast, often and forward. One thing that really excites Saito is where we are today with information technology. A habit that makes Saito more productive as an entrepreneur is the understanding that failure is fundamental for innovation and is only possible with teamwork. If he could talk to his younger self he would say don’t rush and follow your passion, not your parents’ vision.

Something that’s true that most people don’t agree with William Saito on is that cybersecurity and information security can be an advantage for companies. As an entrepreneur, the one thing Williams Saito does over and over is staying persistent. He says ok to do something 10,000 times over, just keep at it until you are an expert. One strategy that helped Saito grow his business is providing a product that a customer will buy repeatedly. He can’t state just one failure he has made as an entrepreneur he says you must fail to prove you are pushing yourself hard enough. It’s about learning from those failures. The best $100 Saito recently spent was on his health check. It was more than $100 but he believes a healthy body is important. One book that Saito recommends is Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark.