Review For Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has accomplished many things in his lifetime and one of them is writing a new novel. The novel is one of a kind and is filled with several different things. In some of the book Sean speaks about his opinion on the former president and politicians. This book is about a man named Bob Honey. Bob seems like a complete sociopath to his neighbors. He is not very social and he traveled the world as a waste management expert and he also sells fireworks to distributors. But what makes Sean so unusual is the he is a secret agent on the side and he assassinates people.


Sean added a lot to this marvelous novel including random poetry, unusual dreams, and some awesome adventures of Bob Honey. Bob does not enjoy the things that most people enjoy. He hates social media and he also hates the typical nosey neighbors. He enjoys staying to himself and that is one of the reasons why the neighbors find him so odd.


Throughout the book you can clearly comprehend the opinion of Sean through his character Bob Honey. He makes several different references that have to do with politicians. Sean’s opinion on some of the tragedy’s in the world and also all of the world problems are displayed in the book. Some of his crude humor is almost to slight to tell, but it is also visible when you pay close attention.

This book is also exciting and roaring with several different adventures such as a helicopter crashing on top of a house, and then there is a “Yellow Lives Matter” which involves a group of blonde guys with blue eyes that are marching, and so much more throughout the book!


The book is both creative and will leave you curious and wanting more. It is full of excitement and you will not be bored with this one. Sean took a spin on things and created a genius novel about Bob Honey and his unusual life. It is absolutely entertaining and maddening.

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