Jacob Gottlieb Is The Backbone To Visium’s Success

It takes quite a bit of skill to become a doctor, nevermind a successful doctor. It takes quite a bit more skill and effort to become a successful doctor and a successful investor all in the same life. Jacob Gottlieb is a man who has taken on both professions. Jacob started out focusing on medicine and joining the medical profession just like his mother Helen had done so successfully in the past as a pediatrician. Although he was doing well, Jacob also wanted to give business a try since he couldn’t stop giving his thought to it each day.

Jacob gave up his work in medicine and went back to school to earn his economics degree. It is worth noting he went to the prestigious Brown University in Providence to earn his degree. Since then, Jacob has held various executive positions for financial corporations around the country, including Sanford C. Bernstein. These days, Jacob is the co-founder of the company Visium Asset Management, which founded more than a decade ago. Jacob has been incredibly successful at Visium, for himself and for the company. He has personally brought in billions of dollars worth of assets towards the company in the past 10 years.

When asked, Jacob Gottlieb has compared both professions equally, stated that they both require the same amount of thought and work to be successful in. Luckily for Jacob, he doesn’t need to be a doctor to help take care of people, since he is able to do so every year through his contributions to non-profit organizations and foundations aimed at helping the community. Jacob is an avid supporter of the Robin Hood Foundation and has been actively fighting poverty throughout New York for many years.


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