Technology Expert and Attorney-Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele was born in a prominent family, instead, he has worked hard to become who is today. Through the struggles of life, Mike decided that he must change his way of living. Mr. Michael was working at a car wash in Chicago during winter and his life was not easy. It was during this season that he decided that he should get a good education to change that life. Mr. Hagele joined the University of Iowa where he graduated with Business Administration and he would later graduate with a J.D from the University of California, Berkley. After his graduation, Mike’s life completely changed and he no longer did the odd jobs. View for more info.

Michael Hagele graduated from the University and an opportunity to work for Fenwick and West LLP, where he was in the licenses and online commercial department. Mike is a go-getter and he would later gain more skills and experience to represent other companies in their judicial issues. Michael Hagele has grown and he is currently a legal expert representing various firms. Mr. Hagele is an outside general counsel for organizations in a wide range of industries including technology, Internet, aerospace, biotechnology as well as defense sectors. Mr.Hagele was recently about his life and his day to day activities. When he was asked how he starts his day, Mike said that his first clients are his technology clients, and the first thing is to handle all their issues before taking a road bike ride in the afternoon and goes back to the office to deal with other matters that have risen during the day.

Michael Hagele knows that he can never be productive if he does not put his clients at the forefront. Hagele finds purpose and pleasure in knowing that he satisfies the needs of his clients. Mike is not an Attorney by profession but he is a prominent investor who has invested in a wide range of businesses ranging from hospitality, and hotel industry. Hagele is also an expert in telecommunication, hardware as well as software department. Michael is passionate about the technology industry and he believes that artificial power is the future of the technology industry. Visit:


Rising Anti-Semitism Addressed By Adam Milstein

The “Jewish News Syndicate” author, Adam Milstein has never shied away from some of the most important topics affecting his own community and the world as a whole and his latest JNS blog is no different. In the blog, Milstein explains his personal view of the rising level of anti-semitic feeling sweeping across the U.S. with extremists from both the left and right playing on ancient fears over the role of Israel and the Jewish community as a whole in global affairs.

What appears to worry Adam Milstein the most is the fact anti-semitism can be found making its way into the work of those on the extreme right and left of politics; these areas of political life have always had a historic link to those expressing anti-semitic views but the arrival of anti-semitism

in mainstream politics is something which worries the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific.

Adam Milstein believes the growing influence of radical Muslim groups has been the major reason for the rise in anti-semitic feeling across the U.S. and the world as a whole. Radical Muslim groups have worked alongside both right and left-leaning political groups in the U.S. to provide a glimpse of how the Jewish community and Israel are viewed by those who have an agenda for their own personal needs set in opposition to the community. Milstein himself is a former member of the Israeli Defence Force during the Yom Kippur War and believes the community is being treated unfairly as voices on both the right and left are once again pushing an anti-semitic agenda forwards.

The arrival of anti-semitism in mainstream politics is a more worrying trend for Adam Milstein as he sees the close links of Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and British Socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn to a holocaust denier, Paul Eisen as problematic. Sanders has campaigned for Corbyn and the British Labour Party which has seen major problems in recent years with anti-semitism identified among many of its senior figures. Making anti-semitism mainstream once again is seen as the major issue facing the Jewish community as Milstein believes the blame for global issues is once again being focused on members of the Jewish faith.

Igor Cornelsen Shares Investing Goal Tips With CNN

If you’re interested in building a portfolio using independent stock market trading services like E-Trade or Scottrade but aren’t sure what a reasonable investment goal is, you should see what Igor Cornelsen has to say about it. Cornelsen is experienced both in banking and running his own consulting gig, and he’s given investors small tips on how to form investment goals. One of his main tips that he shared on a CNN post is not over-committing to one stock, but looking instead to buy up a variety of stocks that aren’t too expensive after you’ve done your research. While you can look for stocks that are bargains during trading hours and attempt to profit by quick trades, that’s usually an unwise move. Cornelsen advocates giving your stocks years to move up, and then selling them later when real wealth or your retirement goal has been reached. Read the article at to know more.

Igor Cornelsen has studied economics, global markets and been an intermediary for different trade deals during his time as a professional investment banker. He was born in Brazil and has dual citizenship both there and the US where he spends a lot of time at his retirement home in Miami. He earned a bachelor’s in engineering first at the Federal University of Parana, and then later earned his second degree in economics and finance. The three banks he worked for as an advisor and later member of the Board of Directors were Multibanco, UnibancoItau and a London-based merchant bank. He also was a former advisor to a previous Brazilian president on economic policies.

Cornelsen isn’t too involved in politics, but he’s certainly kept an eye on how its affected Brazil’s markets and its trade deals with its partners. He also has encouraged investors from around the world to do their research on Brazilian banks because they have a unique set of rules that other countries like the US don’t have. One of the most important things Cornelsen recommends is doing networking with Brazilian businessmen or other native investors who can point you to banks that have the most friendly policies. He also recommends getting familiar with their forex trading laws since only certain entities are legally able to do that.

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