The Bountiful Benefits of Beneful: Wet Food Edition

Beneful has been a top-rated dog food brand for some time now. With a variety of flavors and nutritional value, it is a safe and healthy choice for dog owners. To review more specific benefits the Beneful brand provides, we’ll focus on wet food.

Wet vs Dry dog food: Let’s get started. We’ll first determine if wet food is the better choice for your dog, as there are pros and cons to wet and dry dog food. Dry dog food may not have as high a chance of spoiling and is less cleanup, but let’s be realistic. When serving your dog a tasty treat, who needs to worry about it spoiling or the clean-up process? Still, some dogs are more prone to digestive issues, (i.e. diarrhea) and in those cases, veterinarians recommend dry food for the dog’s safety or comfort. Nevertheless, wet food is a great choice for dogs who have no digestive issues, or struggle with constipation. Wet dog food typically has more nutritional value, protein to be specific, and is more flavorful. It is also beneficial health-wise, providing hydration for dogs who do not consistently drink water. Beneful’s wet food does not cater to specific breeds, regardless of size.

Now, we’ll review the variety within the wet food category from Beneful. Currently, Beneful provides only dry food exclusively for puppies but has 20 different flavors of wet food. These have rave reviews from owners about how much their pets love them. One of the brand’s highest and more frequently rated products is the Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites: with beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. Beneful wet food is sold on various websites including, but not limited to,,, and Also, for owners who prefer a variety, Beneful sells variety packs which include four or more trays of three different flavors.

After reviewing all of the positive benefits of Beneful, you may wonder, “At what price?” Well, Beneful prices range from about $1.43 for a 3-pack of 3oz trays, to about $19.94 for a 12 pack of 10oz tubs. With coupons that can be found on Beneful’s website, and several discount sites such as, and, those prices are often reduced. This is all the more reason to treat your beloved pet to a tasty, nutritious, Beneful treat, every day.