Michael Zomber Collects Samurai Swords and Antique Guns


There are two things in life that Michael Zomber loves to do more than anything else. He has a passion for collecting guns that are more than 100 years old and swords that were used by ancient samurai warriors. There is no question that these are two very different things to collect. That is not lost on Zomber. He understands that it is very unusual for a person to collect items from two such different periods in history. However, he believes that having two very diverse collections makes life much more interesting for him.


Interestingly, Michael Zomber does not have an educational background in history. Instead, he majored in English and psychology at the University of Illinois. He then went on to UCLA where he graduated with an English literature Master’s degree. Michael started to assemble his weapon collections after finishing his studies. He found that he loved learning the complete history of every weapon he would purchase. He liked knowing who the previous owners were. This information often proved difficult for Michael to track down.


Michael Zomber enjoys doing many other things besides collect guns and swords. He is also a very talented writer who has several of his books still in print. He tried his hand at writing a movie screenplay. This was for a documentary that he would also direct about samurai warriors and the struggles they went through as they served their master. The film received very good reviews upon its release. Michael has said that the experience was so positive that he would like to write and direct another movie in the future.


Michael Zomber buys his samurai swords and antique guns from a number of different sources. He has bought them from major auctions. He has also bought some weapons at conventions and through online classified ads. He said that he prefers to see the weapon with his own eyes and hold it in his hands before buying it.  He recently got a very famous Bowie knife added to his collection as well, and you can see pictures from that acquisition on Michael’s Facebook feed.