Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

Right from the start, Lime Crime‘s founder Doe Deere was meant to begin her own makeup company. At an early age, Deere loved bright colors and art, from colored pencils and paints to clothes and makeup. Her first makeup memory occurs when she and a couple of her nine year old friends dressed up as witches during a slumber party and pretended to conjure up some spirits. Deere felt there was something missing with their dress-up, so she grabbed her makeup bag and put some on them all. Yet even now, she says that makeup is only part of her colorful grownup world, and she loves the fun of it all.

Deere didn’t let her horrible makeup-applying expertise dull her love or stop her art. Her experimentation and fun through her 20s is what drew her followers to Lime Crime, causing the brand to expand overnight, almost literally. Lime crime itself was a miraculous find. Deere used it as her eBay name because it was her favorite color and rhymed, and the name stuck. It has been a blessing in disguise for Deere. She also loves the fact that the internet-based image of her company gets feedback almost immediately over social media.

She calls them unicorns, because they are brave and defy expectations. In other words, the people who wear her makeup. The brave people she herself looks up to are other fearless trendsetters like Dita von Teese, Elena, and Stella Rose. And though she didn’t start out wanting to become one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepeneurs, her love of fun and color has lead her to become a role model not only to her fans, but also to every other young women looking to start their own business and change the world.  Check out Lime Crime for yourself on Amazon, or follow them on Twitter with the hashtag #LimeCrime.