Bernardo Chua Helps More People Discover Gourmet Coffee With Healing Agent

Bernardo Chua is someone that has managed to master the art of selling gourmet coffee to a large consumer base. He has been able to help people many people that are not necessarily coffee drinkers discover gourmet coffee. This is all part of the great Bernardo Chua marketing technique that involves a very special Ganoderma plant. Bernardo has provided the entire world with an look at what Asian natives have known about all along. He has brought that Ganoderma plant to the western hemisphere, and coffee drinkers are excited about it. Visit to learn more.

Bernardo is a business man that knows a lot about a plethora of different things. Organo Gold is not the only company that he is known for, but this is the company that has managed to make him the most well-known in America. It is a company that Bernardo Chua created with gourmet coffee as the centerpiece of this brand’s core. As time progressed Bernardo would discover that it was going to be a profitable product. He also discovered that there were some people that were interested in the healing agent of the Ganoderma product, but they were not coffee drinkers. He found other ways to help those people that were interested in seeing the power of the Ganoderma plant. He would be able to do this with the bevy of other products that were created through the Organo Gold brand.

Consumers that are interested in Organo Gold products have access to skincare products and toothpaste that have Ganoderma ingredients. There are also Organo Gold Energy drinks that have been added to the mix. All of this makes it possible for people to get access to the healing agent that is part of the Organo Gold core even if they do not drink coffee.

Bernardo has used social media like Twitter to promote his brand. He also uses this platform, along with Facebook, to keep people up to date on the new products that are getting added to the Organo Gold roster. This has allowed him branch out with other things like tea, soap, grape seed oil and other products. Check:


How Bernardo Chua Became An Expert In Ganoderma

Bernardo Chua is a businessman from the Philippines who is an expert when it comes to multilevel marketing. He is also a medical professional who came up with a line of premium teas, coffees, and personal care products that are infused with Ganoderma. This is an Asian mushroom that is used in traditional medicine and is said to cure many conditions. He has spent most of his professional career spreading knowledge about Ganoderma and why it is used in Chinese medicine. He learned this information from his grandparents who had emigrated to the Philippines from China. Follow Bernardo Chua on Twitter.

Due to his expertise with Ganoderma, Bernardo Chua was hired by Gano Excel which was a company in the Philippines that sold tea. They wanted to infuse Ganoderma into their products and so they hired him in one of their top roles. It was during this time in his career that he learned about multilevel marketing. He used his knowledge and natural sells abilities to expand Gano Excel’s customer base across the Philippines and then into Hong Kong, and a number of other Asian nations.

It wasn’t long before Gano Excel wanted to introduce their products in North America. Bernardo Chua was chosen for this task and so he moved to Southern California and took on the role of president at their new subsidiary, Gano Excel USA. He swiftly developed an expansive network of people to sell Gano Excel USA’s products across both America and Canada. He spread the word about how Ganoderma could help people. Read more on about Bernardo Chua

After a period of time he decided to start his own business in the multilevel marketing industry. He moved to Canada and launched Organo Gold. In addition to tea he also infused Ganoderma into coffees and personal care products. His company now has a multilevel network of independent contractors that exceeds a million people. His products can be found around the world and they have been written about in industry publications like Marketwired and Direct Selling News. Bernardo did change the name of his company, though, to ORGANO in order to better emphasize what his business is all about.



Bernardo Chua Has His Dream Come True With Ganoderma-Infused Products

Dreams do sometimes come true. Bernardo Chua can testify to that. Growing up in the Philippines he longed to tell the world all the ways in which the ganoderma mushroom could improve their health. The network marketing company Gano Excel made Chua’s dream come true when they hired him as a marketing executive. His job was to promote coffee, tea and other products that contained extracts from the ganoderma mushroom. And Chua made the most of his opportunity. People seemed to sense his excitement about the Gano Excel products and he took the opportunity to explain to them how the ganoderma the products contained could help them. Learn more on

Chua was an instant success. He was soon taking Gano Excel products into new markets. Within his first three years with the company, Chua had been able to attract customers beyond the Philippines into bustling markets like Hong Kong and as far away as North America. Chua eventually moved to the United States and after running Gano Excel’s operations there for a while, started his own company selling ganoderma infused products. The company was called Organo Gold. One of the first things Bernardo Chua did when he founded Organo Gold was to focus on telling people about the health benefits of the ganoderma mushroom.

Marketing his nutrient-rich ganoderma-infused products under the Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur brands through a marketing network that had grown to over 800,000 people, Bernardo Chua began to have success beyond his wildest dreams. He won awards for the quality of his products, the amount his marketing network sold and the speed with which his company had grown. In the Philippines, Organo Gold won People’s Choices awards and Chua was voted ‘Direct Marketing Executive of the Year’ 5 times. Chua also received the Dangal ng Bayan award, the Philippines most prestigious business award.

Bernardo Chua’s dream was simply to tell the world about the ganoderma mushroom. In his zeal to help others improve the quality of their lives by ingesting the mushroom, he has created a line of excellent products, employed a million people and built an award-winning company.

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