Jorge Mall Research on the Relationship Between Giving and the Brain

Jorge Mall is an excellent neuroscientist. Jorge Moll graduated with an MD in Neuroscience from the University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994. He has been recognized as one of the greatest neuroscientists and has been practicing neuroscientists for over 20 years now. He is also a great believer in giving back to the society and has been in the forefront in many community-based initiatives that aim at bettering the lives of the people. Jorge Mall has taken part in many philanthropic experiences across the world in helping the less fortunate in the society and also the people that have been affected by natural catastrophes. As a result, he has been recognized globally for his efforts (

It is by this tremendous philanthropic experience that Jorge decided to research what makes people become volunteers. Jorge was fascinated by what causes people choose to become philanthropist in the society. Therefore Jorge Mall and other neuroscientists in the National Institute of Health decided to research the same. He led a team of neuroscientist in scanning out and examining the brains of volunteers. The volunteers were told to visualize a scenario of either donating a certain sum of money to a charity organization or keeping it for themselves.

Jorge Moll found out an intense relationship between donating to the charitable work and the brains functionality. The experiment provided clear evidence that indeed giving or donating has a significant biological basis in the brain. The same had a relationship with altruism. According to the research, Jorge Moll found out that altruism is not only a moral obligation responsible for surpassing the selfishness in an individual’s mind, but it is also connected in the brain to enhance a feeling of pleasure as a result of giving.

Jorge Moll concluded that indeed giving back through acts of philanthropism, donations and helping others is a mental process. The process requires the indulgence of the brain and the utilization of altruism in the brain to decide on whether to support others or not. Altruism makes people feel high when they help others and has a soothing effect on the mind of the giver.