Felipe Montoro Jens on Sao Paulo PPP Contract

In a recent report, he mentioned that Sao Paulo City Hall had already signed up the PPP contract. The reason was for illumination of the state capital. In the first half of March, Sao Paulo mayor signed the PPP contract. That was on the 9th march. The contract will replace the current city lighting with LED lamps. The development is part of a project to modernize lighting. Winner Of the bidding, FM Rodrigues Consortium will carry this out, explains Felipe Montoro Jens.

Rodrigues’s promise is to replace in three years 535,713 points of illumination. Felipe emphasizes that the previous management had implemented the other 82,642 points. This was after a command issued by the then mayor Fernando Haddad. He had launched the bidding in 2015.

The first region to get LED lights according to the City Hall of San Paulo was Morumbi Avenues. Rio Branco and Valdemar Tietz would follow. According to Sao Paulo mayor, Joao Dona, new lighting will assist in mobility in the city. The mayor also guaranteed that it would improve the safety of the general public. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

The monthly consideration of the winning consortium will be R $28.8 million. This is according to the municipal administration. This indicates that there will be a 4.1% decrease from the original estimated amount of R $30.1 million.FM Rodrigues’s responsibility is not limited to the exchange of lights. It will also have the task of replacing existent copper wires with aluminum.

Felipe Montoro Jens, the expert points out that the strategy is to reduce high cases of theft of the material. The consortium also is responsible for installment of tele-management devices on poles. .Their work is to warm whenever the lights stop working.

He further states that FM Rogrigues’s proposal was almost R $5.5 million higher than its competitor’s. Walks Consortium’s proposal was R $ 23.3 million while that of Rodrigues stood at R $28.8MILLION.

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Flavio Maluf Taking Eucatex to New Heights

Mr. Flavio Maluf has become one of Brazil’s well-known people in business, mainly for his being a part of the large corporation Eucatex. Career-wise, Mr. Flavio Maluf has had decades of experience as an entrepreneur with his best startup being Grand Food Group. Read more about Flavio at Bloomberg.

Mr. Flavio Maluf is a former student of the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation from which he graduated in Mechanical Engineering with a master’s. Mr. Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex directly after he finished up his education. He was appointed to the pos of President of the large corporation. After the previous owner had passed away, Mr. Flavio Maluf came into the company and became the new owner of Eucatex.

In 2005, the new owner of Eucatex Mr. Flavio Maluf reached a new milestone in his business career as he joined the leadership of Eucatex S. A. in April. He assumed the position of the chief executive officer (CEO) and Director. Mr. Flavio Maluf showed great talent, and so he was promoted to the post of Chairman which was added to his responsibilities. Over the next few years, Mr. Flavio Maluf assumed more positions at Eucatex S. A.; Vice Chief Executive Officer is one of them.

Mr. Flavio Maluf has been extremely beneficial to the corporations of Eucatex, and Eucatex S. A. He has been taking care of his responsibilities as the most influential leader with skill and confidence. Mr. Flavio Maluf follows and controls the efficiency and progress at the different branches of the business. Eucatex works through a couple of those – Trading e Engenharia as well as Química e Mineral. Mr. Flavio Maluf follows the progression of the work and gives directions and further instructions.

Over the course of his business career, Mr. Flavio Maluf as developed strong leadership skills through his employment at Sistema S.A. Corretora de Títulos e ValoresMobiliários as well as Citibank N.A. The name of Mr. Flavio Maluf has become widely known in Brazil as well as in the business community all around the world. Both Eucatex and Eucatex S. A. have reached new heights since Mr. Flavio Maluf came into their ownership.

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Igor Cornelsen Shares Investing Goal Tips With CNN

If you’re interested in building a portfolio using independent stock market trading services like E-Trade or Scottrade but aren’t sure what a reasonable investment goal is, you should see what Igor Cornelsen has to say about it. Cornelsen is experienced both in banking and running his own consulting gig, and he’s given investors small tips on how to form investment goals. One of his main tips that he shared on a CNN post is not over-committing to one stock, but looking instead to buy up a variety of stocks that aren’t too expensive after you’ve done your research. While you can look for stocks that are bargains during trading hours and attempt to profit by quick trades, that’s usually an unwise move. Cornelsen advocates giving your stocks years to move up, and then selling them later when real wealth or your retirement goal has been reached. Read the article at frenchtribune.com to know more.

Igor Cornelsen has studied economics, global markets and been an intermediary for different trade deals during his time as a professional investment banker. He was born in Brazil and has dual citizenship both there and the US where he spends a lot of time at his retirement home in Miami. He earned a bachelor’s in engineering first at the Federal University of Parana, and then later earned his second degree in economics and finance. The three banks he worked for as an advisor and later member of the Board of Directors were Multibanco, UnibancoItau and a London-based merchant bank. He also was a former advisor to a previous Brazilian president on economic policies.

Cornelsen isn’t too involved in politics, but he’s certainly kept an eye on how its affected Brazil’s markets and its trade deals with its partners. He also has encouraged investors from around the world to do their research on Brazilian banks because they have a unique set of rules that other countries like the US don’t have. One of the most important things Cornelsen recommends is doing networking with Brazilian businessmen or other native investors who can point you to banks that have the most friendly policies. He also recommends getting familiar with their forex trading laws since only certain entities are legally able to do that.

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Felipe Montoro Jens reports on the economic impact of ppp

Brazil, home of the worlds 7th largest economy and the largest in that of Latin America, has endured some very challenging situations in the last few years. Faced with political turmoil and an economic recession, the government of Brazil has had to implement innovative solutions to tackle these issues. In December 2004 Brazil identified laws to determine how public private partnerships are to be implemented and the over rules and regulations, that must be followed according to Federal Law 11,079 / 04.

Public private partnerships are is a solution that allows essential projects to be implemented to benefit the country, while keeping cost low as possible while creating more jobs and economic opportunities. Public private partnerships in Brazil is a lot more common today when compared to 10 years ago, but there is still the need for more PPPs to make a real impact. Visit frenchtribune.com to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports some of the issues hindering more public private partnerships, are the taxation on these projects tend to increase the overall cost for the government, which defeats the purpose of the public private partnership. Felipe Montoro Jens reported on an R $ 44 billion investment by the Brazilian government scheduled to be implemented over 57 public private partnership, projects scheduled for 2018.

These projects will include road work construction projects, the privatizing of public companies and airport management changes for the government ran and operated company Infraero. Over 800 kilometers is reported by Felipe Montoro Jens to be repaved. The BR-153 is the major road between Anapolis (GO) to Alianca (TO) and the BR-364 connecting Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO).

Felipe Montoro Jens also reported on the history making public private partnership project underway in Belo Horizonte. The project is a 20 year plan to upgrade all city park lights from luminary lights to the more energy efficient LED lights.

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Igor Cornelsen the Expert Banker

Igor Cornelsen is a professional banker with vast experience in the banking sector for many years. During his career as a banker, he worked for some of the most significant banks in the world which play an essential role in the economy. He was born in Brazil in the year 1947, and later joined an engineering school but then enrolled to study economics. After his studies, he got a job with an investment bank due to his knowledge and ability to perform various calculations required. See more of Igor Cornelsen at about.me

Igor Cornelsen excelled in his career and rose up the ranks to serve as a senior member of an investment bank. Years later, he left employment to pursue personal interests. After finding employment in other banks,he worked for several years and resolved to form his investment bank as he had the skills and enough experience necessary to do so. He has a great desire to learn and acquire information relating to banking as well as investments which helps him to make prudent decisions in his ventures.

Cornelsen is a good listener. He listens to the perspectives and inputs of his colleagues concerning his decisions and investment. He uses the information available to him and considers various factors before making his investments decisions to protect the value of his assets. By following and critically examining the market trends, an entrepreneur can respond to multiple changes necessary to attain, retain, or improve the customer satisfaction. He is keen to observe the patterns to make informed investment decisions and provide the right advice to clients.

Every entrepreneur makes mistakes, and that becomes the end of some of them. Igor too admits to having made mistakes in his investment decisions. However, he did not give in to that obstacle as he still rose to be one of the most successful in his career.He continues to be an active investor even after his retirement from his long banking career. Other than investments, he also engages in social activities during his leisure time. Google.com.br

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