Academy Of Art University, Setting High Fashion Standards

In 2017, the Academy Of Art University defiantly set the standards high for the fashion industry. The university attended New York’s famous fashion week for the 21 time since their tradition first began. Academy Of Art University’s students left a great impression with the right people at this event. During New York’s Fashion Week the students who graduated with their Bachelors and Masters in Fashion designed their own clothes to model down the run way. The Academy Of Art University of a very diverse population of their student body. The diversity of the university was shown in a great way. Each student took their differences and created nice pieces to model at the fashion show. The Academy Of Art University was named the future of fashion. The university is very proud of this title. Many people are excited to see what the Academy Of Art University will bring in the up coming years!

The Academy Of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. The school first opened in the early 1900s and the university has had several names before the school finally came up with the perfect one! The school was founded by Richard Stephens. Eventually Richard gave the school to his daughter Elisa Stephens.

Since the school has been opened, they have been growing constantly. As of today, the university has thousands of students who attend. The Academy Of Art University has so much to offer their students. They are one of the few universities who offer associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master degrees as well. The university has has many different types of majors that they offer to their students has well, more than 20 different minors and majors to be specific!

The Academy Of Art University also offers their students different programs, sports, and organizations to help create diverse students. Students can choose to be on the volley ball team, the basketball team, gulf, or any other the social or academic groups that the Academy Of Art University has.

If you’re interested in arts, the Academy Of Art University is the best school to attend!

Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory Changing Lives

Startup entrepreneurs in Switzerland have more reason to be optimistic. The launch of Swiss Startup Factory, an innovation by Mike Baur presents small businesses with an opportunity to quickly scale the ladder of success. Through this program, young and talented entrepreneurs have access to information and tools they require to overcome all the hurdles that often make businesses to fail. While acknowledging that almost all startup entrepreneurs face similar problems, this comprehensive program already promises real solutions. It has a top execution platform to guide entrepreneurs through dedicated and business-oriented processes. There is no doubt that running a business will be a walk in the park.


Swiss Startup Factory offers a wide variety of solutions. They range from accounting and financial advice to startup acceleration as well as co-working spaces. The best part is that Mike Baur exposes these young entrepreneurs to a large network of investors and other entrepreneurs. This way, business minded individuals will get all the advice that they need to succeed. Clearly, gone are the days when a new entrepreneur had to fumble through procedures that he hardly understands. The fact that one can learn from the experiences of others makes the program even better.


About Mike Baur


The world famous entrepreneur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. Although he has advanced to do his businesses elsewhere, he confesses that he still connects strongly with his birthplace. His qualities were evident even when he was still a teenager. He was always fascinated with information about banking and finance at a tender age. During his childhood passion into his profession is his biggest achieving. He always tells people how happy he is to work and interact with people who represent his true passions. In one of his recent speeches, he challenged young entrepreneurs to invest in areas that are close to their hearts so as to have the inspiration to get to the top. He is an MBA graduate from the University of Rochester, New York. He also studied Executive MBA at the University of Bern.


From being a commercial apprentice at UBS, Mike Baur made his way up in Swiss Private Banking. About 20 years later, he was an executive board member of one of the largest banks in Switzerland. When he was 39, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by founding the Swiss Startup Factory. Currently, this is the highest ranked privately funded startup accelerator in the country. Most of his time is invested in Swiss youth entrepreneurship.