Gregory Aziz Leadership at National Steer Car Company

National Steel Car is a company that deals in the manufacture of railroad freight cars. It is ranked among one of the top performing companies in North America. Gregory James Aziz is the present CEO, president, and chairman of National Steer. He was born in April 1949 in London. He is a chief economist with a degree in economics from the Western University of Ontario. After finishing his studies, he joined his family’s wholesale business in 1971, a company that dealt with food. The company become a fresh food importer from South and Central America and Europe as well. This was as a result of 16 years of tremendous growth of the enterprise.

Initial Accomplishments

It was until early 1990 that the company managed to enjoy a global reputation when Greg James Aziz purchased it from Dofasco. When buying National Steer, he had a great desire of transforming it into the largest railroad freight cars manufacturing company in the region. Greg Aziz has continually stressed on the engineering and strong team building capabilities. He also managed to make the company a huge manufacturer by carrying out great human and capital investment. By the year 1999, the company was able to shift from the initial output of about 3,500 cars per year to around 12,000 cars. There was also a tremendous growth in the number of employees from 600 to about 3,000.

National Steer Car Today

National Steer is currently ranked among the top performing companies in the building of new railroad freight cars yearly. The company’s pursuit of excellence is the primary reason for this success. The only company to receive a certified ISO 9001:2008 in North America is National Steer Cars. For the last 18 years, the company has managed to retain the honour through several recertification. The company has also received TTX SECO quality award in the last two decades. National Steer has demonstrated its commitment to philanthropic initiatives like funding Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army and much more.

Core Values of National Steer Car

Greg J Aziz outlined several secrets that are behind the success of the company. He pointed that the firm’s achievements have been the efforts of the people working for the company. James Aziz also outlines the firm’s commitment to relentlessly pursuing future opportunities while upholding its traditions. The excellence and the quality are the company’s core values. For this reason, the company has greatly benefited from the massive customer trust and loyalty.