Gregory James Aziz: Helping the Freight Car Industry

Out of all of the things that Gregory James Aziz has done for his business, growing the industry and making it change is one of the most important things that he has done and something that he continues to work on so that he can help people out with the issues that they are having. He has aimed at providing long-term solutions to the issues that people have with the freight car industry and he knows that all of his work will be the best thing that can happen to the industry. He also knows that he can try different things so that the industry will grow and will continue to get better.


Ever since Gregory J Aziz began working as the CEO of the National Steel Car, the industry has seen some major changes. While not all of these can be traced back to his company and, more specifically, to him, they are good changes and something that came about as a result of new life in the industry. This could be attributed to him and to his willingness to make the industry better than what it was ever in the past. He hoped that he could do different things and he was able to enjoy the benefits that came from it as a result. Read more info here.


While Greg James Aziz continues to work hard, he knows that his company is doing well. He has remained confident in it throughout his career and he knows that he can do a lot to ensure that things will work out. Even when Gregory James Aziz is not helping out with things at National Steel Car, he is doing work that will make a difference for the industry. He has remained positive about all of the things that he can do to help and that is what has given him the experience that he currently has.


While the rail industry may seem like it is suffering, companies like National Steel Car are doing well and are able to continue performing thanks to the opportunities that their CEOs have given them to succeed. Since Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car, he knows that he is doing the right thing and making all of the right choices that will bring improvements to the opportunities and to the experiences that people will have when they are in different situations with the steel and freight industry.



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Jim Tananbaum’s Great Support to the Innovative Mindstrong Health Startup

The invention of the long awaited solution to mental disorders has finally come to be. The proposed psychiatric diagnosis and treatment device includes a Smartphone that according to Mindstrong Health, will be used in various brain diagnosis projects. To accomplish this plans, a health program start up, by the name, Mindstrong Health, has been introduced to the health sector. Mindstrong Health has, so far, set aside about $14 million with its primary focus being to improve the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. To attain this kind of funds, and for its innovative invention, the startup received an enormous financial support from various investors such as; the Forsite Capital, ARCH Ventures Partners, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund among others.

The founder and C.E.O of Mindstrong Health Mr. Paul Dagum Saud, in his statement, said that mental disorders had been a rare case to detect in various occasions in a clinical environment. He, therefore, saw the need for such a device in the health industry. He reinforces by saying that, the ailment has no difference with other chronic diseases such as diabetes, and heart diseases, for these reasons, the disease should also be given a high priority by most health facilities. This in return, will contribute to a better outcome of people with mental disorders. The procedure will include the use of a Smartphone to measure brain function. During this process, the patient will have to scroll and type on a phone as the device detects the patterns obtained, and therefore easily displaying the brain functionality information. This process focuses primarily on the patient mood and cognition biomarkers. For instance; it detects the brain processing speed and its memory status. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is an experienced investor in the health care sector. He participated in the construction and management of various health care companies. To start with, he founded a company by the name GelTex Pharmaceuticals, in the earlier years, right after his graduation from Harvard Medical School. GelTex managed to introduce two new brands of medicine to the health market, and to date, the drugs are trading on a high scale of about $1 billion revenues. Apart from that, he also founded Theravance Inc and Theravance Biopharma, alongside the other two that he also co-founded

Jim Tananbaum is a graduate of different institutions such as; the Harvard Medical School, M.S where he attained an M.D. He also holds B.S.S.E & B.S from Yale University, and lastly, he graduated from Harvard Business School with an M.B.A among others. Besides, Mr. Tananbaum has been on the Harvard’s-MIT HST programs advisory board, and a presidential advisory counsel at Yale University. Visit


Troy Mc Quagge Wins Prestigious Award Honoring  His Work in the Health Care  Industry

Troy McQuagge joined the US Health Care family in 2010 in the Advisory Group where he was the President and CEO until 2014. Two years ago, McQuagge joined the US Heath Care Group where he is the President and CEO. Recently, he won the gold spot in One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards where he was named CEO of the Year. It is a coveted award that each year rewards the best business leaders. It is open to businesses from all over the entire world. A business that is in the private and public sector, large and small business, even start-up businesses are eligible to enter the competition. Troy McQuagge was honored for retooling the US Heath Care Company. McQuagge shares his award with the entire US Health Care family. He is honored to be recognized for lowering health care costs for US Health Care patients while providing them with innovative health care needs that will grow along with the needs of the patient.

The US Health Care Group’s main office is located in Ft. Worth, Texas. This area of US Health Care is focused on provided optimum health care for self-employed individuals regardless the size of their business.

Before and while being a part of US Health Care, Troy McQuagge has been the recipient of many awards. In 2007, McQuagge was a finalist for the Stevie Award Recruitment of the Year for his work in excellent recruitment. Although the award is not named for someone named Stevie, the award was conceived by Michael P Gallagher. Gallagher discovered that the name Stevie, short for Stephen means crowned in Greek. The same year, Troy McQuagge won the Stevie Award For Insurance Sales Organization of the Year. It would be five years later and McQuagge’s employment at US Health Care before he was honored again with another award. By 2012, Bronze American Business Award – Fastest Growing Company during another Stevie Awards event. The same year, McQuagge won the Silver Stevie Award – Sales Turnaround of the Year at the Stevie Awards event. Every year since then, the 30-year health care giant has garnered many coveted awards at the Stevie Awards events.

Troy McQuagge isn’t only experienced, he is also educated. McQuagge earned his bachelor’s degree in legal studies from the University of Florida. At college, in 1983, he joined many societies campus including Tennis All Round American, and Academic All Round American.

Personally, McQuagge is involved in Semper Fi Fund and Hope Kids in both Dallas and Phoenix, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, and others paying back society for all he has gained. Troy McQuagge’s most favorite charities include Children, Civil Rights and Social Action, Human Rights, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief among others.

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