It’s Not Rocket Science

Lower income communities have been hit with a plethora of obstacles in the recent years. There simply aren’t enough jobs in most of these areas as there once was, and housing prices are climbing as well. But Rocketship Charter School aims to resolve this issue, and they’re doing it their way.

Rocketship Charter schools are nonprofit and based in California. The first school opened in 2007. They’re managed out of Redwood, California, and pride themselves on focusing on conventional learning with a new age internet curriculum. This approach is focused on a system of core values, in which teachers build predictable environments for their students, that will reinforce their social-emotional skills.

Their innovative methods include the student’s parents interviewing potential teachers. This is said to teach accountability to the parents. And it’s a great way for them to get a feel for their children’s instructor.

Rocketship has set up schools in 16 cities throughout the U.S, including San Jose, Washington, DC, and Nashville, to help lower-income students build a path to success. But Rocketship doesn’t only help the kids, they also have plans for the parents as well. There are currently plans to set up a facility for parents to submit job applications while they’re waiting for their kids to get out o school, or even during all school functions. This kind of access to the internet can do wonders for families who normally aren’t able to get online while at home. It goes without saying that this without question shows Rocketships unwavering commitment to the whole community.

Since 2007, Rocketship Education has been dedicated to the education and empowerment of youth in low-income communities. They’re steadily growing at an astonishing rate. And with their fresh way of educating the whole community, it’s safe to see they’ll be around for years to come.