How Robert Deignan Keeps His Tech Company On The Cutting Edge

Robert Deignan is a businessman who has been in the tech sector just about 20 years. After completing high school in 1992 he chose to attend Purdue University. He earned his degree in business management in 1995 and had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. He spent three years working for other before he was able to co-found his own company which was Fanlink, Inc, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He says he learned a lot about the process of starting a company and what type of mindset and skills it took to succeed.

After garnering three years of experience as an entrepreneur Robert Deignan was hired by iS3 Inc. as their new executive vice president. This software company offers several software solutions such as computer optimization, tech support, and digital security. In this role he developed a lot of his leadership and team building skills. This led to him co-founding another tech company in August 2011, ATS Digital Services, LLC. As the Chief Executive Officer Robert Deignan guides this company’s strategic vision and has a developed a strong leadership team.

At ATS Digital Services he has built a firm that can solve a multitude of technological issues. His company can help clients whether they need to figure out their mobile devices, how to install hardware and/or software, figuring out digital data storage, troubleshooting a home network, and more. Robert Deignan says his company offers a one-stop-solution for anyone that has a tech problem they need help solving. He says he hires the best and most knowledgeable employees and the culture he built is one that is customer service focused in nature.

As just about everyone is familiar with each year more devices and gadgets get introduced at a sometimes dizzying pace. Even people in the tech industry itself can find it all baffling at times. So that the employees of ATS Digital Services stay up to speed Robert Deignan emphasizes offering continuing education at his firm so that his customer support team can help people with even the newest devices. As he points out tech devices can make life easier but at the same time they can also make it at times more complicated.