How Patty Rocklage is helping in keeping families and couples together.

Being a marriage and family therapist, Patty Rocklage has been able to make a name for herself as she has more than two decades of experience in the field. More experience simply means more clients you deal with and more new things you learn about your career. In her career, she has dealt with various issues faced by different families that enable her to be in a position of counseling any family. Having graduated from USC, Patty was able to get the required education that enabled her to survive in the Counseling industry. She earned her license of operation as soon as she had graduated.

What has enabled her to become successful in her career and differ from other counselors is the mere fact that she treats every case she deals with individually. She clearly understands people are different and they have various reasons for acting the way they did. With this in mind, she ensures the tools she uses are well personalized to fit the client’s situation. According to Patty Rocklage, there exist various reasons that may result to couples growing apart or a family. Some of these causes include misunderstandings, miscommunications, jealousy, teenage rebellion, financial issues among others. Patty argues that in some instances these problems are spilled to the children from their parents. Thus, it is important to address these matters as soon as they are noted to help in strengthening a greater relationship in the family. A family that is divided can never prosper compared to a family that sticks together.

Regardless of having gained theoretical knowledge from school, Patty does a lot of reading on a typical day that keeps her informed of what is changing and what is not. With consideration to her career, she also needs to be updated on the various therapy treatments that she may see fit to employ to her clients. When she learns something new, she first applies it to her real life situation that helps her in developing various therapy plans. The fact that she uses her very own life lessons to help her clients is what has made her stand out. She is always happy to know she has helped a family or couple somewhere from breaking up and she hopes to continue doing so.