Jeff Yastine Helps People Pick the Best Stocks to Invest In

The problem with the people these days is that they make their investment decisions by following what the mainstream financial media has to say. While there are instances when some of the tips and investment tricks that the reporters say on mainstream media works, most of the times, it can lead to losses if followed blindly. People need to be careful where they are putting their hard-earned money in and must take measures for not only wealth creation, but also have a long-term strategy that can help with safeguarding the investments in the long-term. There are many ways one can do that, but the primary way that most financial expert would suggest is to ensure that you diversify your investments. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Banyan Hill Publishing started in 1998 and is one of the leading financial publishing houses in the country with over 400,000 subscribers. It has many different financial newsletters that it publishes on a monthly and weekly basis. He is one of the senior editors with Banyan Hill Publishing and has more than two decades of experience in the financial sector. Having anchored PBS Business Nightly Reports for nearly two decades has provided Jeff Yastine with the opportunity to discuss the financial market and investment tips with some of the top investors, businessmen, and financial experts, such as Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, and many more.

Jeff Yastine has done graduation in journalism from the University of Florida and went on to become a news anchor at PBS. At the time, the newscast was one of the most watched financial news networks with over one million household watching it every night. Staying in the know of the financial market is one of the passions of Jeff Yastine, and he has ensured that he puts his wealth of knowledge to good use by becoming the editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. He also writes finance and investment based articles for two of the top newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing, which includes Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. In 2007, he was also nominated for the Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting for his news report on the under-funded infrastructure sector in the United States.

Jeff Yastine is also the editor of Total Wealth Insider, which is a newsletter that is dedicated to helping people identify penny and binary stocks in the market that are expected to grow in prices in the near future, and contribute to long-term wealth creation. Check:


Jeff Yastine Shares His current Stock Investment Perspective

Jeff Yastine is a brilliant investment adviser and financial editor. He is the current Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. Prior to joining the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, Mr. Yastine worked as a financial journalist and stock market investor for over two decades. During this time his area of focus was covering global financial events. Today, he is the proud editor of the famous Total Wealth Insider. Some of his best work like The Nightly Business Report has been nominated for an Emmy Award. He also uses his Facebook page to enlighten his thousands of fans on the current investment trends. Visit the website to learn more.

The lucrative Kennedy accounts

Jeff Yastine is a prominent crusader of the Kennedy accounts. The Kennedy accounts are stock purchasing systems that allow interested investors to get lucrative bargains for their stock purchases. These bargains include discounts of between $5 and $25 per share. Some of the investors who have used this system in purchasing stock claim to have made nearly $10 million in profits. Yastine believes that Kennedy accounts are the way to go when it comes to modern-day stock investment.

Jeff Yastine’s investment hotcakes

According to Jeff Yastine, cybersecurity is one of the most lucrative investment platforms right now. He predicts that this platform will continue to see an approximated 15% year-over-year investment growth until the year 2022. In one of his recent twitter posts, this famed financial journalist pointed out that AMD, ARM and Intel current chips are all prone to cybersecurity threats. This is thanks to the “Spectre” and “Meltdown” flaws they have. In addition to that, as the world becomes more and more digitized, so will the demand for cybersecurity rise.

Jeff Yastine says that the current financial situation globally is very welcome to some well-placed start-ups and mid-range business entities to rise and become global giants. The mentions eBay, The Kroger Co. and W.W. Grainger Inc. as the most likely near future Amazon competitors. Looking at the growth index graph and the prices of their stock, they are both consistently on the rise. Mr. Yastine advice any investor who wants to invest in this type of market but feels that the Amazon stock prices are too high for them, they can opt for any of the three firms. He adds that using a Kennedy account to buy stock from this company will give you better profit margins. You can check Jeff Yastine’s section on where he offers more insight of the current stock and investment market phenomena.

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Ted Bauman, Keeper Of Fiscal Matters

Ted Bauman is a savior to those who seek sovereignty in the throes of financial matters. He as an early adult took a transportation to the terrains of South Africa to finish a certificate in the realm of money and historical subjects at the University belonging to Cape Town. He is proficient in the financial industry of lifting others out of their currency ridden burdens and he holds a stable long-term passion for doing so at that. With this professional background, engrossment in the financial services, and an established degree in economy, Ted Bauman set out in 2013 to work as an editor for Banyan Hill. In this sector of development, Ted Bauman contributes to society through a service who is known as The Bauman Letter, an alert for individuals interested in the stock market, and Plan B. It is here that he improves peoples financial statements through his specialized knowledge in the dollar and the unconventional ways one can venture out on to allocate a sum of freedom that few others experience in their lifetime. One of the specific variety of his methods are portrayed in The Bauman Letter. This is one of the strategies Ted Bauman utilizes in order to give people sound, ethical, and legally pleasing financial advice so that they could for instance cut their expenses in order to properly manage money in an officially enacted manner. This disclosed advice is often unheard of and overlooked as these methods to building wealth are not advertised or mentioned by word of mouth to the public ear. Even on the website, Ted Bauman is an active contributor to the developing financial literacy in many respects and avenues. His collection of articles widely ranges on the subjects of mastering money and the many complicated aspects it takes to formulate a concise plan to jumpstart one’s success in the money game. Visit:


Ted Bauman”s Income Saving Tips.

Ted Bauman’s Income Saving Tips.

Ted Bauman was born in Washington, D.C and grew up in Maryland. He, later on, moved to South Africa. He is an editor of The Bauman Letter, where his speciality is in advising various investors on ways to invest their money without much fear. By using his skills and experience, he has been able to help his clients to invest their money in profitable ventures. He graduated from recognized institutions both in South Africa and in the United States. In South Africa, he has been working on various projects meant to benefit low-income earners. Ted Bauman has focused his attention on giving advice to his clients to save some more money and manage them in better ways.

Following the recent changes in the law, Individuals, and corporations, he has embarked on advising his clients on how to save more money by paying less tax and still be within the law. Citizens are legally obliged to pay a compulsory percentage of their income to the government. Tax evasion is prosecutable in a court of law under the constitution of the United States, various individuals have been arraigned in court over the same. Bauman proposed some strategies and they include the following:

Since many individuals paid their interests late, he advised them to pay them on time as this would ensure that they enjoy benefits arising from the new law.

According to Bauman, business owners were to be more aggressive in their sales to complete their remaining transactions by the end of 2017. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

He encouraged individuals to utilize their entrepreneurial skills and start limited liability firms.

He also advised low-income earners not to be in a hurry to access their income so that they could benefit from low taxes which would be operational from 2018.

He advised individuals whose clients owed them money to ask for the payments by the end of 2017.

Most professionals only use their skills only for their economic gains, but Bauman has set the pace for them to help people with their skills and expertise to benefit other members of the society.

Some individuals prefer to file returns by themselves at the comfort of their homes mainly to avoid the charges payable to an experienced preparer. However, Bauman advises taxpayers to use the services of qualified preparers especially in the event of changes in the law. See Related Links:


Investment Advisor Paul Mampilly: Focused On Helping The Common Man

Paul Mampilly is an amazing investment advisor. After 20 years on Wall Street working with investment industry giants like Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetics International, he retired at 42 and started publishing a monthly newsletter Profit Unlimited. It’s designed to help average Americans gain more from their investments. Subscribers to the newsletter have consistently made significant gains on their investments. They told their friends and relatives about the newsletter and almost overnight it hit 60,000 subscribers. In the financial services industry few newsletters have ever enjoyed such rapid growth.

Born in India, Paul Mampilly graduated from New York’s Fordham University in 1996 with an MBA. He started his career at Bankers Trust in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager. Mampilly worked with a Swiss bank, Sears and Royal Bank of Scotland, handled multimillion dollar accounts for IMG and Deutsche Bank and has had Fortune 500 companies, the Templeton Foundation and European aristocracy as clients. The former hedge fund manager has a knack for identifying small companies using innovative business models and developing lucrative products. View Paul Mampilly’s profile at LinkedIn.

In 2009, Paul Mampilly earned a measure of fame. During the financial crisis, he took a $50 million investment grew it by 76% without shorting stocks, returned $88 million and won the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. Prior to that Paul Mampilly founded The Capuchin Group and was Kinetics Asset Management’s portfolio management team managing director. He also edited Stansberry Research LLC’s publication Professional Speculator. Plus, as a financial advisory editor and hedge fund consultant he imparted knowledge to thousands of people.

In 2016 Paul Mampilly was hired by Banyan Hill Publishing. Through them he educates investors about lucrative small-cap stocks, technology companies and special growth investing opportunities as Proftis Unlimited’s senior editor. Plus, he has a weekly column in Winning Investor Daily, a newsletter published by Banyan Hill. Mampilly also manages the True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes trading services. Through all of these activities Paul Mampilly lets subscribers benefit from expertise gained through his 20-year Wall Street career and his personal research.

Examples of Paul Mampilly’s investment acumen and remarkable track record include being an early investor in Sarepta Therapeutics in 2012 and selling his stocks 8 months later with a gain of 2,539%. He also made a 634% gain investing in Netflix, 279% on Facebook, 696% on Ariad Pharmaceuticals and 298% on Whole Foods. Clearly this is a man with a practiced eye for investing. More info can be found at

Experienced Tax Advice From Ted Bauman

There is a solution and a possible way to reduce your taxes that you might not been aware of until now. You are able to reduce your taxes using deductions, advisor Ted Bauman is very familiar with. He has an extensive resume graduating from Georgia State University, studying Master of Business Administration in Finance. In today’s society, lawmakers have forget about personal tax exemptions all together, but the advantage of this is, it results in a bigger standard deduction, a subject Bauman is very aware of.

One of the most important tips Ted Bauman encourages is to plan in the month of December all your payments prior to filing your taxes in April. When it comes to paying for your medical services in advance, you can have peace of mind that The Affordable Care Active penalty will not expire until 2019. Bauman also advises to purchase your new vehicle in April and for businesses working under the title of a LLC, they can drop their taxes dramatically. A lot of advisors who claim that they are leading you into the right direction, but they don’t take that extra step and show you safe ways to protect your wealth that’s already growing.

Your finances are yours to take control of your destiny in life, so wouldn’t you love to have someone who can show you how to take the driver’s seat, which is your right in the first place. Ted Bauman is the perfect person to tell you what you need to know about new tax plans. One of the best friends to have when it comes to finances is to have a tax attorney, someone who will provide you with best methods with no resistance. Whatever your tax situation maybe, the new tax laws he keeps you up to date with makes it possible for you to save money in ways you didn’t think was possible at first.

In today’s day in age, change is constant when it comes to following tax laws, so it is apparent to learn from an experienced advisor like Ted Bauman who gives you lucrative tax tips so you can enjoy looking forward to the generous tax refunds that you know deserve.

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Insight into the Career Life of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Bauman specializes in the matters related to asset protection, migration issues, and low-risk investment strategies. Ted graduated from the State University of New York with a degree in Business Administration and a specialization in management information systems. Later, he furthered in Georgia State University with a Master’s in Business Administration in 2001. Ted has spent much of his life connecting people with the necessary resources needed to propel them to freedom. As a young man, Ted Bauman emigrated to South Africa and studied economics and history. In South Africa, his career revolved around several executive positions in non-profit institutions. He identified with the philanthropic foundation, Slum Dwellers International. The organization deals with helping slum dwellers to access basic needs. To date, it has helped over 14 million people across the globe.

Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

In the 2000s, Ted took up consultancy work and researched extensively on finance, urban planning, and housing. He worked on research for the United Nation, the World Bank, and the South African government among many others. Ted would later return to the States in 2008 where he landed an opportunity with Habitat for Humanity International as a director. Bauman left the institution in 2013 and joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a full-time writer and editor. In a recent interview, he said that after seeing his daughter to school, he heads to his office in the basement and starts working immediately. Ted is most productive in the morning. Once in a while, he wakes earlier than usual and gets to writing. Most of the days, Ted is usually committed to current news and topics that interest his readers. Posed with the question of how he brings ideas to life, Ted Bauman said that his excellent writing and narrative skills help him in reaching the audience.

Notably, the trend that excites him is the ability of the American reader to ask questions on matters related to the economy. Concern from the people about the government investments is on the rise. As a habit, early mornings ensures that he remains productive. Ted Bauman wishes he would have learned better time management early. As it is so, it’s one of the things he’d do differently. On his failures, Ted has had many but most had less to do with business. From the challenges, he learned to be pragmatic. Ted Bauman relies on mainstream media and some unorthodox websites for his writing. Check:


Matt Badiali and Dependable Investment Advice

Matt Badiali is the man behind a newsletter that’s called “Real Wealth Strategist.” He started out as a diligent scientist. He attended Pennsylvania State University. He has an earth sciences bachelor’s degree from the renowned public school, too. He, after that, moved on to Florida Atlantic University. That’s the institution that helped him earn his geology Master of Science degree. Badiali studied at the University of North Carolina for a total of five wonderful years. He was striving to get a PhD. Fate intervened, however, when one of his closest pals told him about the world of finance. This buddy had a finance PhD of his own. His goal was to collaborate with Badiali. His goal was to encourage Badiali to assist him with the process of coming up with smart and effective investment practices as well. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter

Badiali’s existence has been totally different since he set foot into the investment universe. He works hard to aid investors who are looking for great opportunities in natural resources, metals and energy. People who want to thrive in natural resources investments often look up to Badiali. He has many readers who have done extremely well. His investment guidance has changed their lives for the better. He created an Internet newsletter with the cooperation of Banyan Hill Publishing. This took place in the spring of 2017. It’s called Real Wealth Strategist and has already amassed countless dedicated fans. They can’t wait to read the things Badiali has to share about modern investments. They love the natural resource stock tips he offers regularly.

This stocks aficionado wakes up at approximately 6:30 in the morning. He’s a committed father who enjoys watching his sweet daughters prepare for their school days. He enjoys coffee and scans the news each morning. Badiali tends to view some television in the A.M., too. He’s a big fan of the Weather Channel. He likes tuning in to Bloomberg as well. This professional is generally at work by the time 8:00AM rolls around. He generally commences the work day by writing for anywhere between two and three hours total.

Matt Badiali knows a lot about geology. He knows a lot about global travel, too. He’s navigated all sorts of international locations. A couple interesting examples are Singapore and Mexico. This writer has a thirst for comprehensive knowledge. He adores giving people the convenience of top-quality investment suggestions. This keeps him going. Learn more: