The Role of Andrew Rolfe in Ubuntu Education Fund

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of the board of directors of Ubuntu education fund, which is fully involved in helping children in Africa get donations without restrictions. It is an education, community health, and social welfare non-profit organization based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is dedicated to ensuring that underprivileged children get shelter, clothing, and the most deserving education. Rolfe is a B.A holder in Politics, Economics and Philosophy from Oxford University. He also holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Being a chairman of Board of Directors has allowed him to bring in a wealth of experience and corporate skills which have the capacity to drive the goals of the organization.

The Ubuntu Fund

The education foundation run by Andrew Rolfe is one of the most prominent charitable organizations across the globe that gives money to programs that serve children in South Africa. It was established by Jacob Lief to offer education and health support to vulnerable children in Eastern Cape Province and has been around for more than a decade. The board of directors is comprised of prominent leaders from the USA, UK, and South African business and civil societies. Under his watch, Andrew has ensured that all children get everything needed to survive.

Part of the mission is to contribute money with no strings attached. Since 2011, Rolfe has independently given a donation of more than 100,000 dollars to the education fund. Many non-profit organizations tend to receive funds from people under certain restrictions, and some of the donations are given with strings attached. In the Ubuntu Fund, donors are not allowed to give any restrictions to their donations. Ideally, the foundation focuses more on the quality of the donations and not the quantity.

Raising smaller unrestricted amounts of money would go a long way into changing lives. According to Andrew, children can perform better when they learn without the worry of how their education will be funded. Andrew Rolfe who has been seen to have a very close relationship with the founder, Jacob Lief, manages all the basic needs of the children in Port Elizabeth. Under his leadership, the foundation has experienced notable improvement in education.