George Soros Donates $18 Billion to Open Society Foundation

Born in Budapest Hungary in 1930, George Soros lived through the Nazi occupation of 1944 and 1945, over 500, 000 Hungarian Jews were murdered. He and his Family were the only ones who survived the rule of false identity papers. George went to London School of Economics. George’s mentor was Karl Popper, a philosopher. He got the title of his foundation from one of Karl’s philosophies. The Forbes rates George Soros as one the top 400 billionaires in the United States. George became famous after making a profit of $1 billion in 24 hours after placing a bet against the British Pound in 1922. The bet gave him a title ‘the man who broke the bank of England.’

Soros philanthropy started in early in the 1970s when he gave scholarships to Black South Africans under apartheid. In the 1980s, he also helped in the promotion of ideas to the Communists of Hungary where he funded the educational visits to the West and even supporting independent cultural groups and other initiatives. His Open Society Foundation has a supportive impact on democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries.

After the Berlin wall fall, Soros created the Central European University, which expanded his philanthropy in the US. He then extended the movement to Africa, Asia, and Latin America to support and help create transparent accountable and democratic societies. George Soros was also one of the voices criticizing drugs. Funding of organizations has been beyond his foundations in that he has supported organizations such as Institute of New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, and the International Crisis Group. Even at the age of 80, George Soros is active to ensure that the Open Society Foundations projects are executed. He achieves that by traveling to many places to fund them and advocate change.

Early 2017, George Soros transferred an amount of $18 billion to one of the human right foundations leading to a donation of $32 billion from 1984 to date. That contribution placed George as the third world most significant donation. During the 2016 presidential elections in the US, Soros donated $10 million of his wealth to fight against hate crimes.

According to Wall Street Journal, the $18 billion transfer is the most substantial donation to a philanthropic nonprofit organization. Before the gift, his net wealth was amounting to $23 billion. That means he gave an amount of 80 percent his wealth to the charitable foundation. George Soros was ranked the 29th wealthiest person in the world. The organization is partnering with stakeholders and their branches all over the world, focusing on the support of democracies and disqualifying cases of social discrimination and injustices among other issues. and more information click here

See into the classroom with ClassDojo

Classrooms have changed and so should the way parents, teachers, and students get involved. The ClassDojo app does just that. ClassDojo takes the involvement in a child’s classroom to another level. The widely used app gives parents access to see inside the classroom through stories and pictures posted by teachers.

ClassDojo is an easy to use app that teachers are using to connect fast with parents. This free app makes it fun to receive messages from the teacher that encourage a child’s learning. The growing use of this app in classrooms uses not only messages and pictures to update parents but videos as well. And these updates are throughout the day.

There are many tasks the app offers a parent. ClassDojo gives you updates on what your child is doing in class, assignments can be posted from the teacher, and parents can reply back with any questions. Those notices sent home with students can get lost but when it is send via ClassDojo, the parent can be sure to get notification and have that information saved on the app.

ClassDojo strives to keep the communication open and flowing with their app. They are trying to improve education and they contribute to student social growth with their video series for students. These fun short animations and activities focus on parts of growth like empathy, gratitude, and mindfulness.

Parents can have the peace of mind in seeing the learning environment for their child. And the creators of ClassDojo are always working to improve the connection to the classroom. In working together, the app brings together a team of parent, teacher, and student.

ClassDojo Raises Big VC Investment

Parents today can have a much harder time keeping up with their children’s education than ever before. Part of this is because more households today rely on having both parents work, which reduces the amount of time that a parent has to communicate with their child’s teacher and monitor their progress. While finding time to discuss their children’s education can be harder today than ever before, there are some ways that a parent can stay better connected with their children’s teacher.

One of the best ways for a parent to stay connected with their children’s education is through a new application called ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an online application and portal that provides parents, teachers, students, and administrators with the ability to communicate in a more convenient manner than ever before. The application allows a teacher to post as much information about the classroom and educational process as they want. Many teachers use the application to post class schedules, report cards, recent grades and progress reports, and upcoming homework assignments. A teacher to take and post photos of the class, which can then allow the app to work as a virtual yearbook, can also use it.

Parents and students also enjoy the application because it provides for a great form of communication. Parents and students can connect with each other and teachers through either the direct messaging program or through open message boards. This allows for a more efficient way to share information and ideas.

Thus far, the ClassDojo application has been very popular with users and schools. The application today is used in some capacity at over 85,000 different schools across the country. While it has been very popular with schools and all stakeholders involved, it has also caught the eye of investors. ClassDojo recently was able to raise $21 million in venture capital from outside investors. The company will use the capital that they raised to hire new talent, look for more ways to expand and use the application, and to market its use more heavily. Investors are encouraged by the company because of the great service it provides and the incredible market penetration potential that is has.