Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: What To Do In Panama

Panama may be best known for a certain style of hat, but there is a good deal more to this South American country than that. Area businessman Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is not just a successful entrepreneur, he is a proud local son with lots of recommendations on activities for visitors to his adopted homeland. Below are some of his suggestions.

1. Panama City
Like many urban centers, Panama’s major city went through its own period of municipal blight on But the city’s rebirth and renovations have resulted in impressive new skyscrapers, increased shopping areas, and an intriguing city nightlife.

2. Camino De Cruces
Originally a cobblestoned road built in 1527 to link Old Panama City with the port town of Venta de Cruces, it is now a hiking trail within Panama’s Soberania National Park. Though sections of it can be rugged walking, Figueroa recommends it for its exotic wildlife viewing opportunities.

3. DiabloRosso
This is a combination gallery/shop/restaurant featuring contemporary art not just from Panamanian artists, but ones from across Latin America and the Caribbean.

4. Canal
Only a twenty minute drive from Panama City, Figueroa says this historic navigation aid is not to be missed, especially at sunrise which offers spectacular photo opportunities.

A native of Venezuela, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa left his native country in his early twenties due to a economic decline there. While he had never before visited Panama, Figueroa quickly adjusted to its culture, lifestyle, and blossoming business opportunities. Already Internet and technology savvy before becoming established in Panama, Figueroa quickly gained a reputation as being risk taking and innovative in his approach to business. He has held high level positions on within five different companies since coming to Panama, and is widely regarded an a mentor to up and coming young entrepreneurs there. His advice for success within its vibrant climate?

Look for a market niche that you can dominate, and don’t be afraid to network and partner with other new entrepreneurs, sharing not just business opportunities, but also office space and supplies. Mobility and flexibility are important as well, Figueroa also shares, in addition to finding good legal consul. And given the success that he has enjoyed for well over a decade here, young businesspeople would well be advised to take his advice here too, in addition to his recommendations about the many splendors of Panama.

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