Infinity Group Australia: Keeping Australians Financially Fit

In a recent interview with MPA magazine, Infinity Group Australia’s Graeme Holm shared how the firm distinguishes itself from a typical broker. Infinity offers services such as debt reduction, financial coaching, and mortgage broking among an extensive list, but angled toward the best outcome for its customers.


The Difference


Traditional brokers work using a very simple process, once a customer is approved and the loan is cleared the job is nearly done. For Infinity, however, the process has only started at that point. After the application process has been completed, the group then proceeds by helping the customer evaluate expenses and needs in extensive detail. Several meetings are held with each individual family, tuning their expenses to the tightest weekly budgets.


The Debit Card Idea


Graeme Holm strongly believes that if a person can’t afford a purchase with hard cash, then the purchase should not be made at all, and he applies this to his coaching. He adds that rather than using a credit card, the money can be accumulated in a debit account and used instead. The difference between wants and needs is another point he makes very clear to his clients.


Infinity helps people reduce expenses by first helping them make a list of necessary expenses and then remove the unnecessary, all while avoiding further use of credit. As interest is charged monthly, the best thing a borrower can do is to fiercely pay off their debt at a responsible rate, rather than acquiring more.


Infinity’s Business and Honesty


The way it works, Infinity charges a fee that covers their debt reduction system and the assignment of a personal banker to the customer. Following this fee, the company then charges 10% of the debt reduction calculated annually. The more the client saves, the more Infinity makes.


Infinity is very open about its business model and makes it clear to the customer that it is a fee-for-service company. A bond is instantly created by the client and the company since clients understand that a win for them equals a win for Infinity Group Australia while a loss is a loss for both.


About Graeme Holm


Holm is one of the directors and co-founders of Infinity Group Australia. Prior to his involvement in the financial industry, he worked as an indoor soccer representative. Through his 17 year experience in finances, one of his main priorities has remained to keep banks from following dishonest practices.


After nearly 10 years working for the “big four banks” in Australia and seeing how families received substandard deals from most banks, he decided to create his own company and Infinity Group Australia was born in 2012. Graeme Holm can be seen as a finance personal trainer, teaching others how to stay fit in the financial part of life. Learn more: