Louis Chenevert a Renowned Innovator in Aerospace Industry

Louis Chenevert is the former Chairman the senior CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. Louis became the CEO as well as the president in April 2008. Later on, he was elected to serve the chairmanship role in January 2010 where he worked in the two positions before he could retire in November 2014. Before that between April 1999 to March 2006, Louis had served as the Pratt & Whitney President. Previously before joining Pratt & Whitney, he had worked at General Motors for 14 years as the Production General Manager. In 2015, he served as the Senior Industry Advisor for Goldman Merchant Banking.

Since 2011, Louis Chenevert has served in the Cargill Inc. in the Board of Directors and became the leader of the Foundation of Congressional Medal of Honor. Louis had a profound influence on every organisation he has worked with. Now that he is retired he spends his time serving as the exclusive mentor for Goldman Sachs and also pursuing his interest. When he was working as the chairman of UTC, he rapidly ascended to CEO level. Even when the economy was declining, he made a chain of improvement that prevented the company from making losses. The major strategy that he undertook was disregarding the conventional wisdom that surrounds outsourcing. While many companies were outsourcing their employees to cut cost at the time and moving production to the nations that were ready to work for less money, Chenevert chooses to relocate production into the U.S. instead. He reasoned that most cheap work would create cheap products with low quality. He proposed to move workers and engineers to a central location with a purpose of putting all the workers and top minds in one concentration where they could focus on resolving problems together. It made it more efficient as compared to having numerous divisions dispersed across the nation. During his leadership, UTC Company managed to make even more profit during the worst period of great recession.

Possibly, one of the greatest achievements that Louis made was the planning of the attainment of Goodrich Corporation. He spent a whole year discussing, negotiating and overseeing the purchase until they reached an agreement. His leadership, perseverance and intelligence have made him be considered the aerospace industry captain.



Innovative Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy: An Overview of the Life and Work of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier’s impressive set of skills and accomplishments demonstrates his lifelong commitment to contribute to society through successful entrepreneurship and philanthropy. His life and work reflect an ability and drive to succeed and flourish in a wide range of areas. He has brought visionary advancements to the field of technology and as a published author and public speaker he shares information related to his successes both professional and personal. Get More Info.

Mr. Pulier’s entrepreneurial endeavors began with his founding of the company People Doing Things, which sought to employ technology to solve issues related to areas such as education and healthcare. Since then he has founded and co-founded numerous technology-related companies such as Digital Evolution, Desktone, MediaPlatform, Akana, and US Interactive. He holds patents for a variety of cloud computing and computer resource-related concepts, methods, and systems.

Mr. Pulier’s vision for the future was reflected when he created and ran the “Bridge to the 21st Century”, which was a multi-day event showcasing the effect of technology on different areas of life. The exhibition took place in Washington, DC as a commemorative event for the second inauguration of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Following the event he went on to work with Al Gore on various committees regarding the use of technology in healthcare. He is currently a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Mr. Pulier generously shares his success with others through a variety of mediums. He is an active philanthropist who contributes to endeavors both with his talent and through financial donations. He has provided charitable technology-based contributions such as his creation of a multimedia education program for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. He serves as a board member for several different organizations such as the X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle. Other organizations he has contributed to include the ACE Foundation, the “Campaign for Free College Tuition”, and the Starlight Foundation. See: http://independentbloghorn.com/2017/05/12/a-sneak-peek-into-eric-pulier-and-his-impressive-tech-and-entrepreneurial-career/

Eric Pulier is an inspiring example of entrepreneurship. His vast portfolio of work showcases innovative technological contributions to many different areas of life. Mr. Pulier’s ability to create and apply technology in new and creative ways has profoundly advanced society.

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Flavio Maluf Leads Eucatex to Success


Flavio Maluf is the president and chief executive officer of Eucatex Group. Mr. Maluf was appointed the president of Eucatex Group in 1997. He started working for Eucatex Group (a company that operates in the construction and furniture industry) in 1987 and undertook several responsibilities in the trade and industrial area. His uncle, who was the president at the time noticed that Maluf was skilled and good at what he did. As a result, he invited Flavio to be a member of the executive frame of the company.


Flavio Maluf’s Background


Mr. Maluf is a Brazilian-based businessman and a mechanical engineer. He studied mechanical engineering at Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP). After completing his college studies, Flavio relocated to New York City where he stayed for almost a year. While in New York, Mr. Maluf studied Business Administration at the New York University. He then worked for several firms such as Citigroup before moving back to Brazil.


Mr. Maluf’s Achievements as President of Eucatex Group


As a results driven individual, Flavio has strived to take Eucatex a step ahead. Currently, Eucatex has several plants across Brazil, each performing a specific role.


In 2010, the company opened an industrial plant in Salto, Sao Paulo. The factory is responsible for the manufacture of T-MDF/ HDF (Thin Medium Density Fiberboard and High-Density Fiberboard).


Under Flavio’s leadership, Eucatex has invested in a recycling plant that uses wood residue to generate energy. Besides pieces of wood, the plant recycles building rubble and pallets.




The company’s efforts to reduce pollution and conserve the environment has been acknowledged on several occasions. Today, Eucatex is ISO 14001 certified, a global acknowledgment that a company adheres to the strict standards to promote environmental protection.


Eucatex also holds the FSC Green Label Certificate. The certificate allows products obtained from forest materials to be tracked, from the source to the final consumer. It assures the consumer that the product was produced with raw materials from a controlled origin as per the FSC standards or certified trees. The company has also received various awards and certifications to acknowledge their great work in producing quality products while conserving the environment.  Flavio Maluf is an outspoken leader on Brazil’s economy.  If you’re interested, be sure to see what he has to say about the future of Brazil on Facebook.

Keith Mann Raises Monet For New York Schools

One of the signs of a philanthropist and entrepreneur is his ability and willingness to raise funds for schools. for one thing, there is a need for funding so that schools can provide people will good education. After all, even in the new economy, education is very important to success. If people take the time to study and do the exercises, then they will be more likely to succeed in the field that they are interested in. Keith Mann understands the value of education in the lives of students. Even entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from education. This is why Keith Mann has raised more than $22K for New York Schools.

Keith Mann is especially passionate about helping students in low income situations. Even though they were born in low income environments, they should also be given equal chance in achieving their goals and bringing improvements to their life situations. For one thing, low income students will find it very hard to go to college because of their circumstances. This is one of the reasons that Keith has set up a scholarship for students who show a lot of responsibility and a willingness to pursue their career goals.

Keith Mann also keeps an eye open for aspiring entrepreneurs. They are the ones that show that they are very thoughtful about the future. They want to make sure that they have something reliable built up for the coming year.

A lot of use is being put to the funds that have been raised for schools. For one thing, a new school is opening in Brooklyn which is meant to help people get a higher quality education. Low income students will get education in a way that motivates them. As a result, they will be able to pursue a professional career in some of the highest earning fields.