Adam Goldenberg Is The Brains Behind The Success Story Of The JustFab

Adam Goldenberg became an entrepreneur at a very young age. Just as he was 15, he started the Gamers alliance, and it dealt with the advertising of the gaming sites. In 1999, he joined the intermix media, and that was his parent’s company. He had just sold his Gamer’s Alliance just before he was about to graduate high school. In 2006, that was when he met his long-term partner Don Ressler. When News Corp acquired the Intermix, and it did cost $650 million. Currently, they are working together as the CEOs of the JustFab, which was launched in 2010. It has since shown an enormous success because worldwide it has more than 35miilion members.

JustFab has been expanding in other countries that are outside the United States. In countries like the Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK, and much more. In 2016, the JustFab changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group, but this is a change that most people expected. The renaming was so that the company would emphasize that the primary JustFab root was in technology. Shawn Gold is the one who hinted the name, he has recently joined the group and is no working as the corporate marketing officer.

When talking about unicorn companies Adam Goldenberg believed that they are those companies that reached the $1 million when they got evaluated by the auditors, and JustFab was not any different. VatorTV’s Bambi interviewed Adam Goldenberg, and he had the opportunity to talk about what becoming a unicorn meant to JustFab. Goldenberg said that it didn’t change anything, but they saw it as a privilege that they had created a great company. JustFab being a unicorn was going to change how they carried their business and that they will remain true to their values.

Due to the renaming of the company JustFab to TechStyle, Adam Goldenberg was invited to CNBC so that he could be able to share what was the essence of the rebranding of the company. According to him, there has been a high improvement when it came to the fashion subscription that they got when it came to the feedbacks of the customers. The renaming of the company was so that they would create a brand name that the customers would relate too. TechStyle was all about how customers would use technology while purchasing something from start to finish. Adam Goldenberg emphasized that the most important thing about rebranding was that someone must have the passionate customers.